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Want to Increase Productivity? Add These 3 Elements to Your Conference Room Design!

Keep reading to see some A/V components that make a difference in employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Want to Increase Productivity? Add These 3 Elements to Your Conference Room Design!

When you’re managing a successful St. Petersburg, FL, business and multiple employees, we understand that efficiency and productivity are vital metrics to track. Are you optimizing your labor time, as well as employee and client satisfaction? If not, you could partly blame your boardroom!

It might seem hard to believe at first, but outdated technology alone might keep your meetings from reaching their true potential. On the flip side, well-planned conference room design streamlines meeting time, encourages brainstorming and impresses clients.

AV Specialists will let you in on our secrets with the key A/V additions that will enhance your office. We think you’ll consider an update after reading this!

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Put Your Expertise on Display

Whether you’ve prepared a full slideshow or simply want to lighten the mood with a funny YouTube video, attendees will watch the screen at some point. Make sure your meeting’s focal point attracts positive attention by using a modern, high-quality display. AV Specialists installs Sony projectors and TVs for their superior picture and pixel technology.

Want a 150-ft display? Many offices opt for the biggest screen they can find by using a projector. For smaller rooms, you can even use a short-throw projector, which requires less space between the device and screen. A 4K TV display might serve you better if you want a few built-in solutions, such as apps and wireless capabilities, which, in many cases, can also make the TV a more affordable option.

Add Improved Audio

Your displays might make an excellent first impression, but audio plays a vital in an effective A/V system too. After all, you want to hear your presentations and conference calls to manage a business. Avoid communication breakdowns with new speakers and microphones that have the broad pickup capability to catch sounds all over the room. You might also consider sound masking for the boardroom and beyond, especially if you work inside an open-office layout.

Control the Experience

Employees might feel intimidated by the outdated, counter-intuitive technology controls and waste time fumbling with all the cords and switches. Managers preparing for a presentation might run late because of a low-tech boardroom, leading to diminished confidence and a less impactful report. In turn, managers lose some valuable labor hours.

With a comprehensive control solution such as Crestron or Control4, you can push one button and prepare the meeting. Imagine the motorized shades lowering, projector screen dropping and lights dimming at your command. Commercial automation gives you full control over scheduling meetings or controlling the many moving office parts from a central platform. Authorized personnel can access full office A/V control from their smartphones and deactivate any unused A/V equipment from anywhere.

If you have telecommuting employees and non-local clients, Crestron and Control4 can also speed up your communication through their video conferencing that powers on as soon as the meeting begins.

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