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How to Improve Noise Levels in Open Concept Business Spaces

Sound Masking Can Make Your Tampa Office More Efficient

How to Improve Noise Levels in Open Concept Business Spaces

As anyone who works in an open concept office knows, noise can make it incredibly difficult to get anything done. From coworkers chatting in a nearby cubicle to office machinery running throughout the day, noise tends to run rampant in businesses. If you’ve grown to accept high noise levels in your Florida office as a fact of life, then this information is for you. Keep reading to learn about sound masking and how you can use it to easily get noise down to a healthy level.

The Need for Sound Masking

A popular trend in the Tampa area these days is the “open office environment.” Instead of separate offices or cubicles, businesses are instead opting for an open concept layout that has an airy, welcoming feel. It’s great for ambiance and collaboration, but not so great when your employees want to focus on getting work done.

A study by Cornell found that noise pollution in the office led to decreased productivity, increased illness and stress levels, lower job satisfaction and morale, and more fatigue. None of those things are beneficial to your company’s bottom line.

That’s where sound masking comes in. There’s no way to fully get rid of all the noise in an office. Employees are going to talk to each other, printers and copiers are going to run, and phones are going to ring. Sound masking technology helps to cover up all that noise.

How It Works

You wouldn’t think that the solution to noise pollution is to introduce more noise, but that’s exactly how sound masking works. It emits a low-level, unobtrusive background sound to the environment that helps to muffle the excess noise throughout the space. The noises in the office become muffled, which in turn makes it easier for everyone to ignore the conversations happening around them.

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How to Add It to Your Business

If you think that noise pollution is an issue for your office environment, the next step is to fix it, so let’s talk about how to do that.

  • Brand: The best manufacturer of sound masking technology is Cambridge Sound Management. This company has practically written the book on sound management, and their products are built to last.
  • Products: The actual masking technology comes in the form of a control module and accompanying speakers that are placed throughout your office. Cambridge Sound Management has a whole series of products designed to improve noise levels for specific environments. After all, a conference room is going to have different sound needs than a doctor’s office.
  • Installation: Installing these products is a project that you’ll want to bring in certified masking professionals for. An AV expert will be able to evaluate the unique needs of your office environment and design a solution that will meet those needs with ease.

So the short answer to the question of “how do I get started with improving noise levels?” is to call us at (727) 441-9292 or fill out this quick form. We’ll be able to offer more recommendations on the best setup for your office and guide you through next steps.