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3 Tips on How to Use Technology in the Workplace

3 Tips on How to Use Technology in the Workplace

The workplace can be quite chaotic, and the last thing you want to worry about is figuring out how to set up and control the technology. When you have an important meeting, you need to make sure the system is working and easy to use. Otherwise, you may end up looking disorganized and unprofessional. The team at AV Specialists is experienced on how to customize your boardroom with the newest technology. We'll make it easy to operate and intuitive enough so that anyone can figure it out. Continue reading to learn more about our boardroom automation solutions.

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Simplify the Controls

Leading a meeting or facilitating a presentation can be difficult when there are many systems to run at once. There are a few technical aspects that need to run smoothly; just one error can ruin a large opportunity for success. We can integrate your microphones, telephone, video conferencing system, lights, shades and even the thermostat in your boardroom so that you can get your meeting ready in one touch. Hit “presentation” or “meeting” and the lights will dim to a comfortable level, the projector and screen comes down, and the speakers turn on. Your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it on creating the right environment for attendees or troubleshooting the projector.

Install New Audio Video

Audiovisuals can help your team make a positive impression when you’re leading a presentation or discussion. If your audio and video is out-of-date, or isn’t working properly, the meeting won’t go smoothly as planned. Our partner ClearOne has a line of wireless microphones to make communication easy to hear and understand. They also have full HD video so when you host a video conference, your remote partners can see your office crystal clear. We also know that you want the room to look clean and organized, so we install speakers in the ceiling to avoid bulky-looking equipment or loose wires, and we can hide your projector and screen as well so that you only see it when in use. If the room has a lot of echo, or the walls are too thin, we can fix that as well. Acoustic treatments and white noise systems help create the right environment so speaking isn’t uncomfortable.

Tailor a Professional Network

 One of the most important aspects of installing technology is making sure the network is strong and secure. Your video conferencing system and smart controls will need a commercial-grade network to operate properly. We’ll check your office to make sure you have the right requirements and give you a quote if you need a new router or other network essentials. A reliable network can be the difference between making the deal or not. Your presentation will go smoothly, your calls and video conferences will never drop and the technology will work seamlessly with our network packages.

Make your business operations a priority by updating your boardroom. Our products and systems will last years into the future and make your meetings go smoothly. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to get a quote.