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Transform Your Business Aesthetic with Boardroom Audio Video!

Build a conference room that will inspire clients and employees

Transform Your Business Aesthetic with Boardroom Audio Video!

In today’s business world, our personal lives and work lives are converging, and Tampa, FL, companies like yours are feeling less “corporate” in response to this cultural shift. It’s no surprise that we’ve received countless requests for collaborative, design-focused offices. We’d argue the most important room to demonstrate your style is your boardroom, so let’s start there.

How? Rethink the boring, traditional office environment of mismatched chairs and clunky audio-video equipment, and start considering boardroom audio video that inspires employees, clients and prospects. Employees want to enter a workspace that encourages them to brainstorm new ideas, and clients usually prefer joining business relationships with more forward-thinking partners. You can accomplish both with your boardroom.

Keep reading to see how AV Specialists can retain your sense of style while installing or updating this essential equipment!

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Minimize Distractions

Soundproofing solutions grow increasingly necessary as offices modernize into more open concepts. Open-offices are popular today but can offer plenty of distractions for office workers.

Prevent unwanted eavesdropping and noise with stylish soundproofing solutions. Soundproofing art disguises as a beautiful contribution to your wall design while enhancing the room’s aesthetic. Whether your boardroom vibe is more creative and fun or corporate and stylish, we can help you find a matching panel.

If you don’t want your soundproofing to stand out, we recommend a streamlined sound panel. AV Specialists can find some that match your wall or complement your color scheme. Some custom soundproofing even shows off geometric or architectural details, ideal for contemporary offices.

Display Smarter Presentations

4K technology isn’t just for home theater designs these days: It’s creeping into the boardroom, too. If you have the budget for it, you can’t compete with the high-resolution display. However, a 1080p projector can certainly impress for a big sales pitch if the 4K is too cost-prohibitive.

Banish Glare

Imagine trying to concentrate on a brilliant presentation but being distracted by the glaring light on the screen. Motorized shades, like QMotion’s, will help mitigate this disaster, and automated commercial lighting, like Crestron’s Zum, can lower automatically before the meeting starts. Plus, if you use window treatments that integrate with the rest of your commercial automation, you can set a “presentation” scene with just one click, and your shades will lower and lights dim to set up the meeting. 

Go Wireless!

Nothing damages an aesthetic quite like a tangle of wires and controls that no one knows how to use. Instead, give your boardroom an intuitive edge with a wireless automation platform like Control4 or Crestron.

Attendees can control the UX-focused platform from a trim control panel outside the conference room or from an attractive tabletop interface. AV Specialists is a premier Control4 dealer that connects commercial tech seamlessly so that you feel as though the automation becomes part of the room.

Hide Your Speakers

Nothing says out-of-date boardroom audio equipment like speakers littered all over the main table. Not only will in-ceiling and in-wall speakers cut out the boardroom clutter, but you’ll also get your audience fully immersed into the presentation.

Like a home movie experience where you’re surrounded by sounds by all directions, hidden speakers encompassing the room help to keep all eyes on the presentation and distractions to a minimum. If you prefer, we can even minimize your microphones, choosing a single mic with broad sound-pickup capacity.

Are you ready to give your boardroom the design and tech update that it deserves? Take care of both with one installation. Contact AV Specialists today to learn more, or chat with us using the chat-box at the bottom of your screen. We look forward to speaking with you!