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Two Smart Technologies that Require a Robust Home Network

Your Belleair, FL Home Runs Smoothly When Connected to a Powerful Network

Two Smart Technologies that Require a Robust Home Network

Smart technologies have taken the world by storm and have been infiltrating our homes in recent years. As your home gets smarter, your home network must be able to support an increase in internet-connected devices so that your systems remain reliable in speed and performance around the clock.

Sure, you could go the DIY route and add a modem and router to your Belleair, FL home and call it a day, but would that be enough? Would you have an intelligently designed home network custom to your property, ensuring certain types of traffic are prioritized over others? Would your home theater, lighting control system, and personal smart devices work without a hitch? With a DIY home network installation, the answer is probably not.

Keep reading to learn about two smart home technologies that benefit from an expertly designed custom home network with quality products from Pakedge.

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Lighting Control Systems

A connected home brings comfort and convenience to your lifestyle. With a professional network installation, you can add an easy-to-use lighting control system in order to save on energy costs and make your home more luxurious. Your home network can support smart LED lighting throughout the house – indoors and out – and it can all be controlled via a keypad, on-wall touch screen, voice control, or your personal smart device.

Imagine pressing a button on your smartphone that controls a Goodnight scene, which turns all your interior lighting turns off while your outdoor lighting illuminates your home to deter potential thieves. A professional home network installation paired with a high-powered home automation system ensures there is no frustrating lag from button tap to light illumination. Pakedge offers high-powered chipsets for fast speeds, even in the most device-dense environments.

A/V Entertainment

Whether you’re enjoying a family movie night watching the latest blockbuster on Netflix, or you’re streaming music from Spotify in multiple rooms of your home while you tidy the house, your A/V systems should entertain without a hitch.

Pakedge products ensure all your connected AV devices, from your smart TV to your home cinema projector and more, are able to connect and function at peak performance. Multimedia traffic is prioritized in a custom home network installation, and power-hungry devices will work without latency issues.

If you’re ready to prioritize the performance of your smart home systems, call us today at (727) 441-9292 for a free no-obligation consultation for a home network installation or use our online contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you!