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Control4 Home Automation: The Possibilities are Endless

Control4 Home Automation: The Possibilities are Endless

Control 4 offers the ultimate in home automation navigation.  With several advancements and additional products becoming available, there are countless ways you can use this technology to make your life more relaxing, organized and secure.  And let’s not forget about the fun you can have with Control 4 automation.  With the ability to create different “scenes” that pair together the automation of several devices at once, personalized home automation is becoming reality. Here are some of our favorite ways to indulge in one of the great luxuries of the present, and future.


With Control 4 you have the ability to turn on all the lights in a given room with the touch of one button.  You can also turn everything in a room off with a double tap of the same button.  Craving a midnight snack? With Control 4 you can set your lights to come on at low levels while you head to the fridge.  If you happen to have loud music playing, you can set your lights to flash when someone rings the doorbell.  Have your nightstand lamps automatically dim to be just bright enough to read a book before you go to sleep.  Ready for some quiet time - With the touch of a button you can unplug and turn off your entire home. 


If you happen to be a fan of listening to music in the shower, you can set your favorite tunes to come on automatically when you turn on your shower lights.  With a touch screen within a waterproof wall mount, you’ll have complete hands on control of your playlist at all times.  Control 4 is great for your exercise room.  Program your TV to come on with no volume and have your stereo set to come on cranked up to get you motivated for your workout.  Home theaters will never be the same thanks to Control 4 technology.  To get started, you’ll need your remote.  Question is, where is it?  Triple tap any light switch and your remote will start beeping.  Sit down, grab your popcorn and with the touch of a button, your TV rises up from it’s cabinet, the lights dim, and the movie begins.


There is nothing more valuable in today’s society than piece of mind.  Control 4 offers a variety of security options that can fit any lifestyle or family makeup.  Just for starters, you can access your security camera feed from anywhere in the world on your cell phone.  If a camera detects motion, the system will send you a text message.  While within your home you can set the lights to flash anytime an exterior door is opened.  Sensors will also alert you if a door is left open.  Many people lead a busy lifestyle.  With children coming home at different times than parents, you’ll have the security of knowing exactly when your kids get home and that they are safe while they’re there.  If there happens to be a security breach, all the lights will illuminate, the shades will open, the doors will lock and every television will display your security camera feed.  Control 4 is bringing security into the future.

Climate Control

Imagine having your shades adjust automatically to the position of the sun, allowing just enough natural light into your home.  This is just the beginning of the climate control options you have with Control 4.  You can set timers to control when your heat and air conditioning when you come and go.  Cozy up on the couch and light the fire place from your smart phone.  Program scenes to lower temperatures during a workout or when you have a large party of guests over.  Control 4 offers the latest in climate control automation to leave you feeling comfortable at all times.

Energy Efficiency

Saving the environment, not to mention money, is of great importance in today’s world.  Control 4 allows you to measure every facet of your homes energy consumption.  You’ll have the ability to track the energy produced by solar panels to ensure your system is working properly.  Having the ability to have lights and other electronic equipment turn off automatically can dramatically reduce your energy bills.  You can even program your sprinkler system according to weather conditions in order to not waste water.


You get home from a long day of work, you open your front door and with the touch of a button your favorite music fills the house and your instantly relax.  This is just one of the many luxuries that Control 4 has to offer.  If you’re an early riser, you can have heated towel racks that turn on right when you’re ready to get your day started.  Heated floor panels that react to the outside temperature is a luxury you never knew you needed, until you’ve tried it.

This is Just the Beginning

Control 4 automation is nearly unlimited.  With hundreds of different devices available, home automation is really hitting its stride.  If you’re looking to make your life easier, more luxurious and secure, this technology is a must.  Living life to the fullest has become automatic with Control 4.  AV Specialists provides world class products and service to fulfill all of your home automation needs.

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