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Entertaining Friends, Family and Yourself with Control4

Entertaining Friends, Family and Yourself with Control4

The variety of devices that can be used through Control 4 technology is increasing exponentially.  As demand grows, appliance, technology and entertainment producers are taking note.  The statistics don’t lie.  The average Control 4 home has 40 devices connected and some larger residences have over 250.  Those that are new to home automation may not be aware of all of the devices that can be connected through Control 4.  This technology is at the cutting edge of the industry and the options that consumers have will continually increase.  Home entertainment, security and basic time savers are all becoming much easier with Control 4. Here are some of the features available in regards to entertainment and some new products you can purchase to take advantage of Control 4 home automation.


Most families have a wide variety of age groups residing in one home.  With home automation, each family member may expect to have their own level of personalization when it comes to entertainment.  Control 4 offers automation and personalization made easy.  You can have many different “scenes” programmed into your system so that everyone can get the most out of your entertainment hardware.  You’ll have the ability to set the mood when you’re significant other comes home from a long day at work, or even have the family room automatically come to life when the kids get home from school.  With Control 4, you have the ability to control every piece of your entertainment equipment through one television.  If it’s time for the kids to go to sleep, you can set the system in your family room to turn off and even light the way to the kids bedrooms.  Once they’re tucked in, you can have relaxing music fill their rooms to gently rock them to sleep.  Once the kids are in bed, set the scene for a romantic night with your partner.  With the touch of a button, the lights can dim, and your favorite slow jam will come through the speakers, setting you up for that perfect slow dance to make your partner smile.  All of this done, with the simple touch of a button.


Control 4 allows you to become the ultimate host for a night with friends.  Whether it be a quiet night in your home theater or a full scale party, Control 4 provides all of your entertaining needs.  The home theater is becoming more and more popular in today’s homes.  Sony has developed an incredible 4K projector that makes it feel like you’re in a real movie theater, only better quality.  They’re also expanding their content offers for this technology and soon you’ll be able to indulge on all your favorites, with the highest quality, in your own home.  If you’re looking to provide a more party-like atmosphere, you can schedule your whole event from beginning to end with Control 4.  You can have different rooms dedicated to varying music tastes or just have your favorite tunes fill your entire property.  You can have lights set to come on in your outdoor areas as soon as the sun starts to go down, creating a consistent mood for your pool area, outdoor kitchen and the back yard.  Each area can be customized to the exact atmosphere you want to provide your guests.


Relaxation can be truest form of entertainment for a hard working individual.  Being able to come home and have your favorite music fill your home and also escape the glow of the fluorescent lights of the office can be invaluable.  Freeing up your time with home automation makes your downtime much more enjoyable.  You can program Control 4 to automate your entire evening and have presets for relaxation and entertainment personalized for each day of the week depending on the amount of free time you will have.  Control 4 automation allows for the ultimate in relaxation and home entertainment, if you’re looking to make a great impression on your friends, Control 4 is the surefire way to do so. 

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