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3 Ways to Get Started with Smart Home Automation in 2021

Build Your Florida Smart Home Your Way With These Key Features

3 Ways to Get Started with Smart Home Automation in 2021

These days, there’s a smart device for nearly everything. With so much variety, homeowners looking to make their homes smarter can approach the idea very differently than their neighbors. Some may be interested in energy-efficient solutions like automated lighting and shading while others may care more about simplifying the control of their audio-video equipment.

One of the many notable benefits of adding a smart home automation system like Control4 or Savant to your property is that you can start in one area, like smart lighting control, and integrate more devices and systems later if you so choose. There’s really no wrong way to begin. Read below for three ideas on how you can start building your smart home this year in Clearwater, FL.

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Lights, Shades & Climate

If you’re interested in living greener and saving money on your energy bills, then you should start here. While your lights, window treatments, and thermostats are all independent devices, a smart home automation system integrates them within a centralized control system so you can make quick adjustments to any and every room from a mobile app, tablet, wall keypad, or by voice command.

Create custom smart home scenes like “Good Morning,” “Movie Night,” or “Away” that adjustyour lights, shades, and thermostats simultaneously to create the perfect environment. For example, a “Good Morning” scene can open your shades, turn off the porch light, and adjust the thermostats to 72 degrees—all in one fell swoop.

Additionally, you can monitor and access your lights, motorizedshades, and thermostats remotely using your smartphone. Say goodbye to accidentally leaving lights on, shades open, or thermostats too low when you’re away from home! With smart home automation, you can quickly turn lights off, close shades, and adjust the thermostats from anywhere in the world.

Home Entertainment

We all know the struggle of operating our home entertainment systems. Juggling the remote controls for all your devices, from the TV and soundbar to the AV receiver and streaming device, is enough to give you a headache and ditch the idea of movie night all together. If you dream of seamless entertainment control for your whole home, start here!

A smart home automation system like Control4 or Savant makes it easier than ever to manage your AV system using a single controller. Whether you choose to use a touchscreen interface on your smartphone or tablet or a handheld smart home remote like the Control4 Neeo or Savant Pro X2, you can access everything from your TV channels to your digital audio collection and more without juggling several remotes.

Choose a streaming playlist, where in the home you want to listen, and adjust the volume—all in a few taps. Likewise, prepare for movie night with a “Movie Night” scene that powers on your projector and speaker system turns on the AV receiver, selects the right input setting, and even dims the lights if you have your lighting integrated with your smart home automation system.

Home Surveillance

Many homeowners are looking to improve the safety and security of their properties in 2021 with smart surveillance cameras. When you pair your cameras with a home automation system, not only can you monitor activities around your home in real-time from your smartphone, but you can integrate other vital home devices with your surveillance system to bolster home security.

For instance, if your cameras detect movement on your lawn, the lights in your foyer or on your porch can turn on to deter potential intruders from coming any further. You can also choose to receive an alert and view a live stream of the activity on your smartphone or TV.

Pull out your smartphone to quickly view and zoom in on any area of your home, indoors or out, to check on kids, pets, and to ensure you closed the garage door before you left for the day. A smart surveillance system as part of a home automation system is especially beneficial for vacation homes. Keep an eye on your property while it’s vacant and receive alerts of potentially dangerous or criminal activity, such as trespassing or storm damage.

No matter how you choose to use smart home automation, you can always add to it later. To get started on your smart home project, contact our technology professionals at AV Specialists today! You can also use the live chat box below to speak with a team member now. We’re excited to hear from you.

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