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5 Ideas for Getting More Use from Smart Home Tech

Put Your Smart Home Automation System to Work

5 Ideas for Getting More Use from Smart Home Tech

Smart home automation technology is amazing. It’s fully customizable and can do so many different things. But the big question is this: are you taking advantage of your system’s full capabilities? If you’re ready to go past simply turning off the lights using your phone, then read on. Below, we cover some fun ideas for going beyond the basics with the automation system in your Palm Harbor, FL home.

1. Create the Perfect Mood for Exercising

If you’ve made a commitment to get back in shape this year, let your home help you stick to your resolution. Set a time each day or week for exercise, then have your “Exercise” scene trigger at that moment. An upbeat music playlist will ring out through your home sound system, the thermostat will lower the temperature, and the lights will turn on in your exercise area. You could even set up a smart weight scale to initiate a celebration scene when you hit your goal weight.

2. Check for Energy Rebates

Your programmable thermostat and lighting control system are already saving you money on your energy bill, but why not lower it even further? Many utility companies offer rebates for homeowners with energy-saving devices like smart thermostats. It’s worth a phone call to see if they’ll knock your bill down further.

3. Keep Track of Loved Ones with Sensors and Cameras

Your surveillance cameras don’t have to be just for security. You can also use them to ensure your children or elderly loved ones are safe and content. Use door sensors in the playroom to send you an alert if the kids leave the area. Put a sensor on the medicine cabinet so you can be sure that your father has taken his daily medication. Check in on the family while you’re at work using the integrated cameras in the living room and kitchen. Whatever tech you choose, you can develop a system that works for your family.

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4. Get Ready for Work the Smart Way

If you, like many Americans, struggle to get out the door and to work on time each morning, your smart home can help. Simply design a morning scene that triggers every weekday at a certain time. You can set up the scene to wake you by playing your favorite music and slowly open the window shades to let in the morning light. If you’re a snoozer, the music can get progressively louder until you get out of bed. Have your smart coffee maker start brewing at just the right time, then finish off the scene with an alert that you have five minutes before you have to leave for work. However you want, you can improve your morning routine with automation.

5. Go Beyond Lighting Control to Lighting Design

Interior design fans, this tip is for you. Use your lighting control system to enhance the look and feel of each room. With the right lighting design, you can highlight artwork or your home’s architecture while still maintaining flexibility for making each room’s lighting appropriate for any given activity. So while you’re showing off the artwork in the living room, the lighting can make it shine, but when you want to use the living room to watch a movie, a single push of the button adjusts the lighting to create the perfect cinema environment.

Want to learn more about all the things your smart technology can do for you? Check out our video tutorial gallery! These quick videos will walk you through how to perform common actions on your Control4 or Sonos system.

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