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Integrating Video and Audio Servers with Smart Home Technology

Get Immediate Access to the Music and Movies You Enjoy

Integrating Video and Audio Servers with Smart Home Technology

Your life moves to the sights and sounds of movies and music. Whether you enjoy watching movies in your home theater or listening to songs from your favorite playlist, you probably couldn’t see your life without them. Why not upgrade the experience by having your own video and music servers? When you integrate them with smart home technology in your Tampa, FL, home, you will have immediate access to the audio-visual entertainment you love – with no downloads, no commercial ads, and no lag time. Find out how owning video and music servers is better than streaming content.

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A Central Hub for All Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows

It’s movie night! You want the best experience possible: the highest quality video, crisp and clear audio, and absolutely no buffering. The problem is that when you use video streaming, nothing is guaranteed. Even if you have a strong home network, you are still at the mercy of your ISP and the movie streaming service. Cut out the middleman. Instead, install a movie server from Kaleidescape or Fusion.

A media server lets you store hundreds of videos, so you have free, immediate access to the shows and movies you love. In addition, it plays 4K ultra HD videos that when paired with a home audio system offer amazing cinematic features. Most servers from Kaleidescape or Fusion can store hundreds of movies or more. For instance, the Terra movie server by Kaleidescape can store up to 1,200 movies in its internal drive. There are also unlimited storage expansion options.

Do you have multiple televisions in your home? No problem. Most movie servers can play several movies at the same time with no lags in performance. Finally, when it comes to being user friendly, they feature onscreen displays that make finding movies easy. It truly is the ultimate choice for customizing your entire movie-watching experience.

All Your Music in One Place

If you love music, you probably enjoy listening to your favorite songs through Pandora, Spotify, or another music streaming service. Maybe you also have albums you own that you like to hear through your whole-home audio system. It’s hard to keep track of everything, especially when we’re talking about hundreds or even thousands of songs. There’s a better way to stay organized and listen to the music you enjoy. A music server in your home puts everything in one place.

There are several ways to organize your music. One option is to store your music on a Synology drive using Control4. This takes advantage of a powerful cloud storage option, which gives you access to hundreds of terabytes of data (music that you’ve saved on the cloud). However, it also organizes your private, in-home collection – making it seamless to access both.

The other option is Roon, a subscription software service that manages music streaming. Regardless of the streaming music services you use, Roon automatically organizes and arranges your songs by category, artist, favorites, and more! The service is simple to use, and your songs are easy to find. This service can be completely integrated with your music server. That way, you can enjoy your favorite songs throughout your house with the simple touch of a button. 

Discover how AV Specialists can add a robust media server to your smart home system. Schedule a consultation by calling us at (727) 441-9292 or completing our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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