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Wow! Check Out These Outdoor AV Solutions from Sonance and Coastal Source

Bring the Music Outdoors on Your Clearwater, FL Property

Wow! Check Out These Outdoor AV Solutions from Sonance and Coastal Source

Even though it’s gotten cooler, it’s not too cold to enjoy our outdoor entertainment spaces in the late and early part of the year. Just think, our friends in the north don’t have that luxury. To make the most of your year-round outdoor AV spaces, consider wowing your guests with an outdoor audio upgrade.

We want you to hear these speakers so much; we’ll bring them to your property so you can listen to them for yourself! We are happy to demo the Sonance and Coastal Source speakers on your Clearwater, FL property at no cost. We trust in these brands so much, and we know they’ll serve our customers and their outdoor AV systems for years to come.

Keep reading to learn more about Sonance SONARRAY and Coastal Source speakers you can incorporate into your property in Clearwater.

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SONARRAY SR1 Speaker System

Building off the same high-performance principals as the Landscape Series, the Sonance SONARRAY SR1 system includes eight satellite speakers and a subwoofer that sits below-ground. Sound can fill your outdoor areas - up to 2,000 square feet. This outdoor AV solution can nestle into your landscaping, so the music emanates from the foliage, creating an ambiance your outdoors partygoers are sure to enjoy.

Not only is this speaker system able to visually blend into your outdoor spaces and withstand the extreme Florida temperatures, but the system improves the standard for affordable outdoor audio. Sonance offers a variety of outdoor AV solutions, too, including rock speakers and subwoofers designed to hide in your garden beds; plus, mariner, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers meant for outdoor entertainment rooms or marine applications.

Coastal Source

Coastal Source’s AV offerings include outdoor bollards and subwoofers, bullet speakers and rock speakers meant to blend seamlessly into your landscape and constructed to defy the elements. AV Specialists is happy to bring a variety of Coastal Source speakers to your property so you can see and hear their superior performance in your own backyard! Many of this brand’s speakers have installation flexibility - suitable for either above-ground or in-ground applications. Coastal Source even has a line of Direct Connect cables, mounts and accessories that work with every product offering, making installation even easier for AV Specialists.

If you’d like a free, no-obligation demo of either the Sonance SONARRAY or any Coastal Source speaker, contact us today at (727) 441-9292 or use our online form. We can’t wait to bring the high-performance sound of our favorite brands to our outdoor AV system.