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Outdoor Sound Systems Designed for Florida Weather

Outdoor Sound Systems Designed for Florida Weather

When you're looking to spend time outdoors enjoying the weather and your backyard setting, music is a must. With a well-planned system that can withstand erratic Tampa Bay weather patterns, you can create audio accompaniments for any outdoor activity. Here are a few things that you may want to consider when designing your outdoor sound system.


Even if you have a roof over your patio, speakers will be subject to the rain and moisture that can gather outdoors. An outdoor sound system will need to be able to withstand the elements, so that after a heavy storm you can still go outside and experience music the way it's meant to be.

While this might mean that your outdoor system ends up a little more rugged than your indoor one, it's for good reason. You won't want to have to replace components after a year or less. Outdoor weatherproofed speakers are designed to last for many years regardless of the weather.


Having your outdoor sound system installed professionally is a great idea because it gives you the ability to add custom control features. You can go as simple or as complex as you'd like to with control and automation features available to you.

Along with controlling your sound system with an RTI setup, you can run almost your entire house while still sitting outdoors, or even in your spa! Why not add functionality to control your HVAC system so that your indoor air is as the prime temperature when you return indoors? Or maybe adjust the lighting when it's time for an awesome summer sunset.

Of course, these are only examples. Chances are, if you can think of a reason why you'd want to automate your house, there's the ability to do so right around the corner. The only real limitation is your goals and ideas.

Speaker Placement

Proper alignment of speakers will be absolutely essential in turning your outdoor sound system from a great collection of components into an awesome array of audio appliances. An installation professional will be able to make sure you've got the right placement for your speaker system regardless of the number of channels and monitors. There are a few considerations to make before even getting to the installation point though.

For systems here in Florida, there are three main methods of speaker installation:

  • Hanging: Hanging places the speakers at or above ear level and provides impeccable sound. While this might be preferred for audio intricacies, it can expose the speakers to weather-related issues.

  • Mounting: Another method is to mount speakers. Usually, speakers are mounted in the overhead ceiling of your outdoor area, for a clean look.

  • Ground Staking: You can also use the ground-standing method of mounting speakers. While this may require extra aiming to provide the perfect audio setting, it's a great way to take advantage of natural sheltering created by structures and plants in your space. Speakers that look like rocks would also fall into this category.

Depending on how you use your space, you may want your speakers pointed directly at a small, defined area, or at a broader area if you use your entire outdoor space regularly. Either way, let your budget, space, and usage determine how your outdoor sound system is designed. Remember, a professional can arrange your speakers so that they sound great no matter where you are in your yard, and they can optimize your layout so sound is bounced off of your exterior walls and naturally amplified. Just be careful that your sound doesn't bounce directly into your neighbor's yard!