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Setting Up an Outdoor Sound System? Avoid these 3 Mistakes!

Embrace Outdoor Audio at Your Florida Property

Setting Up an Outdoor Sound System? Avoid these 3 Mistakes!

Spring is right around the corner, and Tampa is already experiencing gorgeous weather that makes us all want to head outside. What better way to enhance your patio or backyard than with an outdoor sound system? Before we get into all the ways that outdoor audio can improve your life, let’s talk about the importance of setting it up the right way. Below, we cover three common mistakes that people tend to make when adding an audio system to their outdoor spaces.

Mistake 1: Not Choosing Weatherproof Equipment

Before you grab your favorite wireless speakers and set them up by the pool, do yourself a favor: stop. Indoor speakers are not designed to handle the strain of outdoor weather conditions. A sudden rain shower (not uncommon with Tampa’s fickle weather) or a splash from the pool could wreck your equipment.

How to Fix It:

Invest in a weatherproof sound system. Many high-quality audio brands offer equipment designed specifically for outdoor use. This equipment is waterproof and resistant to wind, sun, and dirt, so you can leave it outside all the time without worrying about harsh weather. 

Mistake 2: Choosing a Poor Speaker Layout

Placing speakers in outdoor areas can be tricky. You have to cover a large area without creating uneven sound or dead zones. You might have music blasting in your ears in one location but be barely able to hear the audio at another spot. You also might have neighbors constantly complaining about loud music even though it doesn’t sound loud to you at all!

How to Fix It:

Your best bet is to trust the guidance of your professional AV installer. Generally speaking, a good speaker layout will take into account not only proper spacing but also the unique aspects of your backyard. The pool, landscaping, and home architecture will all affect the space’s acoustic needs.

Another thing to consider is where your speakers are pointed. Even if you have them spaced out appropriately, you still won’t get the sound quality you want if the speakers aren’t directed toward the proper locations. If your speakers are pointed in the direction of your neighbor’s home, you’re practically asking for a noise complaint, so a good rule of thumb is to form a perimeter of the area where you want to listen to music and then point the speakers inward.

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Mistake 3: Not Connecting It with Your Indoor Sound System

Just like it’s not a smart idea to invest in individual systems for each room of your home, there’s no reason why you have to manage your outdoor devices separately from your whole house audio system. When you treat the outdoor devices as something completely different, you have to constantly go through the hassle of matching up your indoor and outdoor audio. More likely, you won’t want to bother with it, so you’ll end up not using the system nearly as much as you otherwise would.

How to Fix It:

Use a smart home automation system like Control4 to manage all of your audio equipment effortlessly. Using your smartphone, tablet, or remote, you can access all of your favorite streaming services and playlists, then choose exactly the area where you want that music to play. You can keep your audio equipment such as amplifiers and media players indoors where they’re protected, but still take advantage of them for outdoor use. For a fun evening party, you can choose to play music across your entire property. For a quiet evening in, shifting the song from outdoor to indoor audio is as simple as pushing a single button.

If you’re interested in upgrading your outdoor areas with a high-end audio solution, contact AV Specialists today! With decades of experience in AV design and installation, we are confident in our ability to find the best solution for your needs.