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Would You Prefer a Home Media Room to a Theater?

Keep reading to see which would better suit your home and what equipment you need for each.

Would You Prefer a Home Media Room to a Theater?

Keep reading to see which would better suit your home and what equipment you need for each. 

When you’re planning your home’s entertainment, you have so many options – should you go for single-room or whole-house audio? Do you want screens everywhere or just in one or two specialized entertainment spaces? If you want to dedicate a room to your favorite entertainment, we can’t recommend a more enjoyable solution than a home media room or a theater.

But which one should you choose? If you want the short answer, it depends. Home theaters have long served families who want that movie theater experience at home, where the lights dim, the screen appears and the sound immerses them as soon as the movie begins. Media rooms take a more family-centered approach and use various modes of entertainment.

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Creating a Mood

If you have a family or a friend group that feels like family, your home media room can entertain them with a sense of coziness and style. Even if you’re not going to dedicate a room to one purpose, a living room or den can double as a fully loaded entertainment center.

If a media room suits your needs, choose furniture that brings your group closer together, such as sofas and loveseats instead of the more traditional, individual theater seating. What else do you need for your entertainment space? For starters, you’ll need a display (or more) and an incredible sound system.

Teching Out Your Space - TVs and Projectors

Many media rooms contain multiple screens, so one person might play a game while another watches a movie, adding to the family feel. Theaters, in contrast, all focus on one, expansive screen that keeps everyone occupied.

Do you prefer projectors or TVs? Sony has created some of the most brilliant of both on the market today, with unrivaled 4K UHD technology, a native 4096x2160 resolution and a contrast ratio that rivals a cinema’s. Both can work for either a home theater or media room.

Sound with Style

Your audio equipment plays a role in your installation too. The most immersive sound usually involves a wired, surround-sound installation. Whether you want a home theater or media room, we can even hide a few speakers in the ceiling or walls so that you can’t tell where the sound comes from, adding to the magic. We use Paradigm, Totem, and Sonance speakers in many of our installations because they ensure a top-quality audio experience.

All the Extras

If you need soundproofing to eliminate outside noise or motorized shades to prevent glare, AV Specialists can install that, too. Window treatments are even more important in a theater installation since a lifelike cinema experience requires darkness. In a media room, you might just need an anti-glare window treatments to avoid unwanted light near displays.

We ensure every detail helps you feel comfortable and relaxed in your entertainment space, so you always have a media room or theater to come home to and wind down.


Are you ready to explore the possibilities of a home media room or dedicated theater? Contact AV Specialists today!