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Every Member Of Your Family Can Enjoy Whole Home Audio

Voice Control Enriches The Audio System Of Your Clearwater, FL Home

Every Member Of Your Family Can Enjoy Whole Home Audio

Whole home audio is a smart technology blessing for audiophiles, but it can do much more than just play music. A Control4 system enabled with Amazon Alexa voice control opens up a brand new world of possibilities for your whole home audio system that goes far beyond listening to music in different rooms. In this blog, we look at how every member of your family can take advantage of this technology to enhance the entertainment and convenience of your Clearwater, FL home.

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Music is formative for children, helping them develop their language skills, express themselves artistically, and have fun in the process. With whole house audio, you can have music playing in every room your extremely mobile children move to throughout the day. Amazon Alexa also has some great kid-friendly features that further stimulate their minds. Have Alexa play math games, tell short stories, or test your kids’ spelling skills, giving you an electronic tutor who is available at all hours, anywhere in your home.


Do you have a teenager that struggles to get out of bed in the morning? Use your whole home audio system to ease them awake with their favorite song, which gradually gets louder instead of blaring at them first thing in the morning. If they’re trying your patience, you can turn on a military horn fanfare at full volume in their bedroom while you’re preparing breakfast in the kitchen, forcing them to wake up so they get to school on time. Teenagers love their privacy, and with a dedicated listening room, they have the opportunity to listen to their favorite music with high-fidelity audio in a space optimized for the best acoustic performance.


The adults in your home are going to get the most use out of your whole home audio system. Getting the music ready for parties becomes much easier, and all you have to do is go in the Control4 app and pick what music you want to play in each room during gatherings. Create specific playlists for different occasions, and program them to play in distinct areas, both indoors and outside. Alexa can give you meal ideas, cocktail recipes, and wine pairings for different foods. If you’re not in the mood to cook, you can ask Alexa to order food for delivery without getting off the couch. If you’re occupied doing work around the house and need to send a message but don’t have your phone handy, you can dictate a message that Alexa will send out, and you can use your whole home audio as part of an intercom system that allows you to communicate inside the house.


For seniors who may not be especially tech-savvy, voice control makes it easy for them to control whole home audio and other smart technology without having to fumble with a touchscreen remote or smartphone. Having comprehensive streaming services means that older members of your family can quickly access tunes they may not have heard in years, and all it takes is asking Alexa to look up the artist, album, or track they want to hear.

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