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What Makes a Spectacular Home Theater System?

Don’t Forget These Design Elements to Create Your Perfect Private Cinema

What Makes a Spectacular Home Theater System?

Something magical happens when you go to the movies. After entering the theater doors, you step into another world where anything becomes possible. Whether you’re a fan of science fiction, fantasy, comedy, drama, or thrillers, you can immerse yourself in all the action while watching bigger-than-life movies on the big screen.

But what makes it all come to life? It feels like magic, but it’s something you can achieve right in your own Tampa, FL, home. AV Specialists are home theater “magicians” that can make it happen. Keep reading our blog to learn the secrets of having the perfect home theater system.

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A Display That’s Pleasing to the Eye

Movie magic starts with a phenomenal display. An HD definition TV may work in your living room, but it has no place in your home theater. A large 4K TV or projector is a must in order to achieve the stunning realism you want. Even then, the result may fall short of perfection. The ideal solution is an OLED TV from makers like Sony. The TV’s extreme processor delivers real-time image processing to produce amazing detail. Each pixel – and there are more than 8 million in a 4K OLED TV – is controlled by the processor and produces its own color and light.

If you haven’t watched a movie on an OLED TV, then you’re in for an experience of a lifetime. The brightness, detail, and color of the display make everything you watch come to life before your eyes. The top OLED TV series by Sony are the A8 and the A9. They are available in several sizes and as big as 65”.

Maybe you want an even bigger display. No problem. Sony’s state-of-the-art, short-throw projectors will cast an image as big as 120” on the screen. Best of all, you don’t need a large room to do it. The short-throw projector displays clear and bright images on the screen from only a foot away from the wall. So, you don’t have to mount the projector behind you. Like OLED TVs, the image quality is unmatched.

The Sound of Superior Audio

Another essential component of a home theater system is surround-sound. A soundbar or a basic audio system simply won’t do. Instead, you need a sound that plunges you into the action. The audio shouldn’t come from the screen but all around you. Big-box stores claim to offer speakers and systems that do the trick but don’t fall for it. It really is a trick! They tout high-end audio, but the sound quality falls woefully short.

Manufacturers like Anthem, Bowers & Wilkins, Paradigm, and McIntosh focus on quality over production. They’re not in business to mass-produce a product but to create speakers and sound systems that offer unparalleled performance. A robust sound system includes subwoofers, ceiling speakers, wall speakers, premium electronics, and the correct setup to produce crystal clear clarity. When you hear the music, the dialogue, and sound effects, it will be like you’re actually in the movie, TV show, or the stadium watching the game.

Tantalizing All Your Senses

Some homeowners get it right – almost. They install the best display and sound system, yet they forget the final ingredient for the perfect home theater: the ambiance. The right atmosphere pulls everything together to make the magic happen. So, what else do you need? The lights, as well as cinema seating, flooring, and theater décor!

Automated lighting creates a magical mood you need for your space. More than a few lamps in the corners, the right lighting design should personalize your theater. From tunable LEDs and fiber optic lights to wall lights and recessed ceiling lights, your system makes your media room look like a real theater space. Most importantly, you’ll be able to control the lighting and all the technology with your smart home tablet or smartphone app. Set the scene for one-touch control. When it’s showtime, press an icon, and everything adjusts to your specifications.

Want to find out how AV Specialists can create a magical theater space in your home? Call us at (727) 441-9292, chat with us on this page, or fill out our online contact form to get started. We look forward to working with you.