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What Can I Expect During a Home Theater Installation?

Learn Our Process for Designing and Installing One-of-a-Kind Theaters

What Can I Expect During a Home Theater Installation?

Private theaters are a wonderful addition to any home in the Belleair, FL area. As much as we wish home theater installations happened at the snap of a finger, the process of creating truly exceptional theaters is a complex one. Fortunately, we’ve honed that process over the years to get a high-quality result without any hiccups along the way. Keep reading to learn our approach.

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Step One: Goal Assessment

There are a lot of different types of home theaters out there. While some people may want the traditional look and feel of a dedicated home theater, others may want a multipurpose theater with a pool table and virtual golf setup. That’s why we start every home theater installation by discussing your goals for the room.

Will you be using it to watch TV with your family? Immersing yourself in the latest Oscar Best Picture? Cheering on your favorite sports team? The answers to all of these questions will influence the type of theater that is best for you.

Step Two: Room Assessment

Before we can start picking out projectors or theater seating, we need to understand the size, shape, acoustics, structured wiring, and other variables of the room. We’ll base our recommendations on the unique aspects of the space. For example, some rooms may need acoustic treatments or soundproofing. For rooms with windows, we’ll explore blocking out the window or adding motorized window shades.

Step Three: Finding the Right Equipment

Once we know more about the location of the theater and style that you want, we can find the devices, furniture, and accessories that will achieve the best result. A lot of different considerations go into the process of finding the ideal equipment—screens should be the right size for comfortable viewing, projectors should have the right specifications for clear visuals on that screen size, speakers should have the right sound levels and surround sound abilities, and so forth.

Step Four: Installation

Once you’re happy with the equipment we’ve chosen, it’s time to install it in the space! During this phase, we take great care in ensuring that each device is strategically placed to give the best sound, visuals, and experience possible. No cluttered cords or awkwardly placed devices here—with a professional home theater installation, we aim for a seamless look that keeps the focus right where it should be: on your Ultra HD screen.

Step Five: Optimization

The last stage of installation is doing rigorous testing in order to ensure the system is easy to use and enjoyable at all times. We’ll test the acoustics throughout the room and then optimize the speakers if we find any dead spots. If you have a smart home automation system, we can also program the theater with preset scenes such as “Movie.” Then, all you have to do is press the “Movie” button, and the motorized shades will lower, the lights will dim, the screen will lower, and the projector will display your different media options to choose from.

Of course, the installation process isn’t complete until you’re 100% happy with the end result. If a certain speaker is just a bit too loud for your comfort, we’re just one phone call away.

If you’d like to learn more about what AV Specialists can do for your home theater, contact us today by calling (727) 441-9292.
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