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4 New Products for Your Audio Sound System

Discover the Coolest Gadgets for Your Inner Audiophile

4 New Products for Your Audio Sound System

The audio technology world is always evolving, and it can be difficult to know what’s worth checking out. Maybe you’re getting into vinyl again or for the first time. Perhaps you’re looking to give your movie marathons better, upgraded speakers. As home technology experts, we’re always reading up on the latest audio equipment and have noticed four exceptional products you shouldn’t miss.  

Whether you’re looking for a loved one or shopping for yourself, consider our picks below for fun and useful ways to enhance your home audio system in Clearwater FL.

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Paradigm Prestige Speakers

Ready to experience superior sound quality? Paradigm’s Prestige speakers are not typical mass-market devices that you’ll find in Target or Best Buy. Paradigm offers advanced luxury audio that will make it sound like there are no speakers in your home at all—only live performances. Crafted in Canada, Paradigm’s sleek and powerful Prestige speakers are optimal for both home theaters and music enjoyment. But in all honesty, this is excellence you have to hear for yourself. If you’re in southern Florida, AV Specialists has Paradigm speakers to listen to in-house.

Pro-ject MaiA DS2, Wood-Integrated Amplifier

Built with a silver or black body and wooden walnut sides, the MaiA DS2 is both an attractive and powerful sound amplifier. It may be small, but this device can connect to nine source devices simultaneously and be controlled via remote or app, seamlessly integrating into your smart home system. The amplifier offers analog and digital inputs for lossless streaming, which means even the choosiest audio snob will be impressed with the sound.

Pro-ject RPM3 Carbon Manual Turntable

Vinyl lovers, this one’s for you. The latest turntable from Pro-Ject is both an impressive way to listen to music and decorate your home. Available in black ‘piano’, red, and white color glosses, the RPM3 is both retro (1960s space pad vibes?) and modern, with a central mass point that performs with quiet low-vibration. Whether you’re listening to a Fleetwood Mac record or a brand-new LP, expect your vinyl to sound first-class with this groovy turntable.

The Roon Nucleus

Another futuristic-looking gadget, the Roon Nucleus makes storing and managing your music library exciting and easy to do. It’s a multi-room, multi-user music server that connects directly to your network to control via phone, tablet, or computer. Audio files from multiple locations all join together into one place, with added information like lyrics, artwork, artist relationships, credits, and more. It can also integrate your Tidal music collection into a seamless library with the rest of your existing music files. Plus, the Nucleus has no whirring fans, spinning disks, or moving parts, and its minimal operating system means audio will always sound excellent. For those who live and breathe music, this server is an excellent addition to your home audio system. 

Want to experience what luxury audio sounds like in real life? Visit us in Clearwater, FL to hear the difference yourself. To learn more, give us a call at (727) 441-9292 or message one of our experts in the live chat video below.