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What Components Make for a Strong Video Conferencing System?

We outline the two equipment secrets that can boost your boardroom instantly

What Components Make for a Strong Video Conferencing System?

As you hold important meetings about your industry, we’re sure you host at least some video conferences. No matter which vertical you spend your weekdays innovating, AV Specialists has an inside look on some overlooked elements that will vastly improve your success before the next quarter.

Much of your business success starts in the conference room. Every Tampa, FL, boardroom needs efficient and high-performance video conferencing to impress stakeholders and employees and drive the results and revenue your business needs.

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The Importance of Your Conference Room

Your conference room is probably the first place that new clients enter when meeting your key decision makers, not to mention, high-value prospects. If you dazzle both of those audiences, you’re on your way to cinching critical sales or upselling services.

Do you have many remote employees? If so, your connection to them is the lifeblood of your business. Whether you’re hiring top talent around the globe or brainstorming with your remote management team, today’s telecommuting business environment requires that you upgrade underperforming technology.

For example, have you ever experienced a meeting lag that you could have avoided with automation? If so, you wasted valuable labor hours (and revenue) on a meeting that lasted longer than necessary.

Now that you see how video conferencing A/V tools improve client satisfaction and employee productivity, keep reading to see the equipment you need to impress critical contacts and keep your employees motivated!

Collaborate with Crestron

Crestron helps your meeting run more smoothly by automating all the functions that used to take up several minutes of your session. Just imagine walking into your presentation with a room that’s completely prepared for you to speak: Lights are dimmed, shades are lowered and your conference call appears on the screen.

Gone are the days when you spent an embarrassing few minutes fumbling under the table for the correct switches. With Crestron, you press one button, and you’ve readied every part of the room. Don’t believe us? If you want to see how simple and intuitive Crestron’s commercial automation feels, take a look at this tutorial.

Crestron automates lighting, A/V, motorized shades and much more from one tabletop solution, Crestron Mercury. However, Crestron solves even more with an efficient, minimal-latency video conferencing system.

Communicate with Clear One

Improved conferencing equipment leads to clear communication, so you don’t miss a single word or inflection. We use ClearOne phones and accessories, and you’ll get exceptional sound quality with improved microphone sound pickup as well as richer voice output from your speakers, so all parties benefit.

What does this look like, in practical terms? You won’t have to ask attendees to repeat statements multiple times, which not only wastes time but frustrates callers. You’ll also minimize the uncomfortable lag that looks like a bad lip sync. Remember: Video conferencing is your only connection to faraway employees and prospects, so it’s up to you to make each communication count.

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