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The Upgrade Your Conference Room Audio Video Needs

Enhance Your Work Environment With This Essential Smart Feature

The Upgrade Your Conference Room Audio Video Needs

Is your business space in need of a facelift? It may be time to consider upgrading your business’ AV system. From keeping the energy up in meetings to distributing information in an engaging way, conference room audio video can enhance any office space. If you already have an AV system set up — or are just now considering installing one — you’ll want to make sure that it is equipped with the right features.

We’re confident that your Florida business will benefit from having one touch automation and control within your audio video system. See your conference room benefit fully from commercial AV technology by incorporating automation.

In this blog, we’ll look at what exactly one touch automation and control allows you to do with your conference room’s audio video system.

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One Touch Automation & Control

One of the best upgrades you can make to your conference room AV system is one touch control. This integration allows you to control all your audio video features from one central source like a tablet or remote.

When you control and distribute audio and video from one source, you reduce the clutter that leads to headaches and frustrations. Your office can function wirelessly with one single device to control it.

Your system will be controlled via a central server, which is accessed remotely from your system’s app. From the app, control your conference room’s technology with ease.

Let’s say you’re using the conference room for a presentation. Why waste valuable time setting up when you can simply tap a single button? With one touch, watch your projector turn on while the screen lowers so that you can display the content needed with ease and get right into the presentation.

If your office’s conference room is a particularly large space that can house several people, everyone may benefit from the presenter using a microphone so that audio can be distributed throughout the room. There’s nothing worse than missing out on important information in a meeting or not being able to engage fully in the discussion due to poor audio distribution. With automation and control, you can ensure that the right tools are being utilized to provide the best experience.

Moreover, if you’re using the conference room to video conference with clients or partners, automation allows you to easily adjust microphone and speaker levels, along with the video quality coming in and the camera being used to capture those in the meeting. Make sure your meetings, calls and presentations go smoothly with the right technology to control it all.

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