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7 Signs That Your Conference Room Equipment Needs Updating

7 Signs That Your Conference Room Equipment Needs Updating

One of the best things you can do for your business is to keep your conference room equipment updated. To your customers and clients, this shows you are on the cutting edge. When people see your technology and engage with you through it, it needs to be a modern, clean and effective system. A system considered modern and functional, that complements the technology others are using, will go a long way in better helping your organization communicate, teach and sell. Your interaction with people through technology speaks volumes about who you are as a company. It tells people that you are offering them the latest conveniences by making the greatest use of the current technology.

So if your business is not up-to-date, or has seen some aging over the years, don't despair. There’s help for your system.  To help you evaluate your system, here is a list of 7 things to watch for that may indicate that your conference room needs a serious overhaul. 


  1. Your video or teleconferencing system has wires running all over your conference room table. In terms of conference room equipment, these systems are on the front lines. If you find your group is huddled over a central speaker on the table, and attendees must sit close to the sound source to hear it or be heard at the other end on the conversation, it may be time to upgrade. Newer systems with ceiling mounted microphones and speakers allow you to sit back in your chair and relax while you talk or listen.

  2. You have a tube or projection TV, or an old projection screen with the outdated 4:3 (more square) screen ratio. These older square formats don’t match up to today’s widescreen laptops and PC’s. There is no longer any need for bulky TV equipment. Try updating it with a nice, large flat screen display sized 55-80” with VGA and digital video inputs.

  3. You have a multimedia projector with a dull projection bulb and it hasn't been replaced in years. For older projectors you may find that new updated HD projectors are not much more than replacing your bulb.  Having a better sharper and brighter image will enhance your video conferencing experience.

  4. Your projector screen is ripped, wrinkled or has a hole in it. This is a piece of conference room equipment that frequently goes unnoticed, but new screen technologies can get you a lot brighter image, especially in rooms that are fairly bright.

  5. There are multiple cords running from your teleconferencing equipment. There are ways to cut down and eliminate (at least as far as what is visible) many of the wires that have to be on the conference room table itself.  Sometimes it’s as easy as a furniture choice or cable routing hardware but often newer systems use less connections. 

  6. Your conference call software of choice is still "Webex" or "GoToMeeting." Sure it works, but using these interfaces will not provide the smooth fluid video you can get from a professional system like Polycom. Using a professional system will give better audio results too. The user interfaces are easier to use and make connecting to a client easy for your office staff. Professional conferencing vendors like Polycom are now even capable of connecting to consumer based solutions like Google Hangouts, Skype and other similar consumer based technologies. 

  7. You have two cheap PC speakers sitting on the conference table. A good audio system is an important part of conference room equipment as it can be key to easily understanding content and helping participants become immersed in a presentation. For our clients, we can install ceiling speakers that remove the desk clutter and optimum sound. Modern amplifiers can even be hidden above the ceiling so you don’t need space in the room to store or mount them.

The nice thing about technology is that for every problem you can think of, someone is already at work on the solution. There are some great wireless options if you can’t get wires to your conference room table. If your conference room sounds “boomy” and it’s hard to understand conversations you could try sound absorption products that mount on the wall or in ceiling tiles. With a little planning you can turn your dated room into something you can be proud of.  Instead of something that is a negative, you can turn your system into an asset for your company’s image and a tool that helps you have better meetings.

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