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The Sound Will Hit You Before You Ever See These Speakers

Bring Sightless Sound to Your Whole-Home Audio System with Sonance Invisible Series

The Sound Will Hit You Before You Ever See These Speakers

So, you want bigger and better sound in your St. Petersburg home, but the thought of adding several speakers to your interior design aesthetic just doesn’t seem enticing. We don’t blame you. Luckily, there are invisible—yes, invisible—options available so you can install a whole-home audio system without sacrificing valuable space or a great design.

Over the last 30 years, Sonance has improved both speaker performance and design

since their first in-wall architectural speaker was created in 1982 by founders Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer. Truly state-of-the-art, their Invisible Series is mountable in both ceiling and wall spaces.

Keep reading below to learn how Sonance’s Invisible Series can seamlessly integrate into your new or existing whole-home audio system.

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Sonance provides “degrees of invisibility” with their in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, blending into your home’s audio system as much or as little as you’d prefer. No clunky speakers unless you want them! You’re only limited by how much wall space you have available to install these speakers.

Property owners and designers alike enjoy uncluttered spaces with minimal visible technology. Sonance speakers truly camouflage while also delivering stellar sound quality. No matter the size of the space, these speakers deliver zero visual impact. If it weren’t for the excellent quality sound emanating from the walls, you wouldn’t know there were speakers in the room!


Experience crystal-clear treble, natural sounding midrange and smooth bass response from the Invisible Series. Sound has 170 degrees of dispersion, meaning the sound is spread wider than conventional speakers, blanketing your whole home with even volume and great sound quality. In distributed audio systems you would need fewer Invisible Series speakers to provide coverage in a given area.

What’s more, the speakers feature an extruded aluminum chassis and injection molded polypropylene diagram, so you are set with reliable sound quality for years to come. Your audio system will never be the same.


The Invisible Series speakers are finished with the same material of the adjoining wall or ceiling and can even be covered in drywall and wallpapered! Install the Invisible Series beneath up to 1/8-inch of flexible material without affecting sound quality. Materials that are pliable or elastic work best.

The speakers are shallow—only 2 inches— which makes them compatible with a wide variety of construction applications. Whether you are dealing with an installation in a new construction project or retrofitting your existing space with a whole-home audio system, you can install these speakers practically anywhere in your Florida home.

There is also an optional enclosure that significantly reduces sound transfer through adjoining walls and ceilings without affecting the speakers’ performance. You can easily listen to bumping beats in one room without disturbing the next room with this enclosure.

Can you imagine taking up less real estate inside your home with invisible speakers in the walls and ceilings? The Sonance Invisible Series is the perfect solution for big sound that doesn’t intrude on your home. Get started with Sonance Invisible Series speakers for your whole-home audio system today by calling our team at (727) 441-9292, or contact us online. We can’t wait to hear from you.