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Improving Privacy Index with Sound Masking Technology

Improving Privacy Index with Sound Masking Technology

Protecting personal information and data is a common theme in both personal and workplace life. Beyond protecting data, many industries are now required or need to protect conversations being had throughout the office.  The modern office is an open cubicle setting with everyone sharing common space. Not only does this affect the ability to have a private conversation, it can greatly reduce productivity and create distractions.

Understanding the Privacy Index

To put it simply, privacy index (PI) is a measurement of the level of privacy in a given area. The range for PI scores is 0% (No Privacy) to 100% (Confidential Privacy).  A score of 70% offers a minimal level of speech privacy to improve worker performance. The more difficult it is for speech to be understood across a distance or through a medium, the higher the privacy index. The higher the privacy index, the more comfortable a person can feel about a conversation without being overheard or distracting others.

What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is low level background noise that gently and precisely masks human speech, giving you speech privacy. The sound emitted by most sound masking technology is comparable to that of an A/C unit or airflow and is used to increase speech privacy as well as lower distractions. A growing number of companies use music for a similar purpose, but this can cause more distractions and decrease productivity. Music doesn’t actually mask sound. It just adds to the din. To truly mask sound, the additional sound needs to be known, yet unnoticeable.

Industries Utilizing Sound-Masking

Though very common in corporate workplaces to reduce distraction and heighten productivity, sound masking technology has been incorporated into several industries that require speech privacy by law, namely legal, financial, and healthcare institutions.  Educational establishments such as schools and libraries have also benefited from creating a suitable environment for their users.

How Cambridge Sound Management Can Help

Cambridge Sound Management boasts our award winning Quiet Technology (Qt®) system to assist with creating the most suitable workplace and company environments through sound masking technology. With a variety of products available, the proper equipment applicable to the space in question can be accommodated for spaces up to 72,000 square feet.

 AV Specialists has experience installing this type of technology and making the most of your workspace.

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