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How Electronic Interactive Whiteboards Are Changing Business

How Electronic Interactive Whiteboards Are Changing Business

Gone are the days of the traditional dry erase board.  Electronic whiteboards are increasingly making their way into boardrooms and conference centers.  The touch screen technology found in most interactive whiteboards on the market today allows the meeting presenter to capture feedback and update meeting content with the touch of a finger. Today’s whiteboards are far more useful and allow you to enhance your conference room audiovisual experience.

Sharing Content

Interactive whiteboards allow you to save and share the information in any of the standard file types including JPEG, PDF’s and Power Point.  Once content and meeting updates have been saved you have multiple options available for sharing the information. Most attendees will prefer email but posting the content on your website is also an option. If you do prefer paper, you can print out your presentation with any annotations you may have made during your meeting.

Writing Options

Interactive whiteboards allow you to present content that you’ve prepared in advance as well as add live content as you move through your presentation.  Depending on what type of technology you are using, you can write with a stylus, electromagnetic pen or even your finger.  You can pause during your presentation to add comments, or even invite meeting attendees to add their own notes.  Some also offer handwriting recognition that can turn notes into live text. 


Electronic whiteboards have the ability to connect with a computer via USB or even a wireless module.  There are models that will work with PC, MAC and Linux based systems so regardless of the computer you’re using, there’s a whiteboard that will be compatible. 

With a projector connected to your computer or a whiteboard that provides projection capabilities, it provides you with a giant display that can be edited throughout your presentation.


To get the most out of your electronic whiteboard, it’s important that you use a quality projector.  NEC has developed a 3200 Lumen Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector that has revolutionized today’s business meeting.  Some of the features include a new interactive system utilizing dual pens, finger touch and auto calibration which converts a standard whiteboard into a complete interactive surface for annotation and collaboration.  With its Ultra short throw lens, it eliminates shadows on the screen along with projected light in the presenter’s eyes created by traditional front projection systems.  It also includes a comprehensive input/output panel, including dual HDMI and VGA inputs.  There is an ECO Mode that will help to extend lamp life and lowers power consumption.  Vertical Keystone adjustment ensures that your image will fill the screen every time.  Without a doubt, this is the top interactive whiteboard projector on the market.


Whether you are looking to enhance your conference room, boardroom or classroom this technology is the wave of the future that is available now. Interactive whiteboards have turned the traditional one-way presentation into an interactive experience.  With the ease of file sharing and annotating to prepared slides, it encourages participation and greatly increases audience engagement.  Companies such as diversitrack work seamlessly in mounting your new interactive whiteboard to your existing chalk board or dry erase board and slide it aside effortlessly when not in use. AV Specialists has experience installing this type of technology and making the most of your workspace. Call us today to learn more about how interactive whiteboards can improve your next presentation.