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Getting the Best Sound from Conference and Board Room Speaker Systems

Getting the Best Sound from Conference and Board Room Speaker Systems

If you are planning on upgrading your conference and board room speaker systems, the speaker placement and configuration is essential. One way to tell if you are in need of a conference room sound system upgrade is if you are experiencing inconsistent sound and volume levels throughout your space. When you are making the decision on new speaker installations, there are a few things to consider for installation.

The layout of the room will directly affect the number of speakers you will need to use for your conference or boardroom. A good rule of thumb is that you want the sound to be at the same level regardless of where you are in the room. The size of the room and the height of the ceiling are also important. The more speakers you have in the ceiling of the room, the more even the sound will appear across seating positions. If you have a presenter or a display for video conferencing it is a good idea to have some speakers that make it appear that the sound is coming from the screen or where the presenter is positioned.

In some rooms with high ceiling positions like a church or large meeting hall it may make more sense to use a single speaker or a cluster of speakers where the sound comes or appears to come from a single point. Because of the high ceilings the speakers can usually be mounted at a higher point. The higher mounting position makes the distance from the speaker to each seat close to the same. Speaker manufacturers also use different engineering designs to correct this distance even further for various speakers.

In large rooms sound levels can recede drastically from the front to the back of large rooms. If you find that the amplified sound does not reach all the way from the front podium to the back of the room, perhaps because of a balcony, rear fill speakers can be used to fill in the gaps. In these cases the speakers are usually delayed using an electronic processor to make the speakers seem in time with the front speakers and eliminating what could appear as an echo.

Your choice in speakers can make a huge difference in sound quality and sound pressure levels at various listening positions. We recommend and only install uncompromised quality audio products for conference, boardroom and other speaker systems. Here are a few of our favorite brands we have been installing lately.

  • EV Electro-Voice
  • QSC
  • One Systems
  • Tannoy

All of these companies produce amazing quality for loudspeakers, ceiling mount, or surface mount speaker configurations. After we review your room layout you can be sure one these companies or our other vendors will have a speaker design available to best suit your conference or board room audio system needs.

Room design, configuration and installation can be a daunting task. The professionals at AV Specialists are ready and willing to help you determine the best products for your conference or boardroom speaker system. We've been helping businesses upgrade to quality audio-video equipment for nearly 20 years. Our goal is to give you the best value we can for the budget you have.