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Can Your Building Benefit From Acoustic Treatment?

The Answer Is Yes, It Probably Can

Can Your Building Benefit From Acoustic Treatment?











Here is a great example of the difference a properly treated room can make. In the first video below you can hear multiple slap back echo’s. In the design the room previously had, conversation was very unintelligible. In addition to that, the slap back off the hard surfaces limited the amount of volume you could put through the microphones before a feedback situation occurred.

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In the second video the slap back is greatly reduced. Conversation is easier to understand and the room feels better and more quiet. This was accomplished with only 16 panels per side wall. The panels are the standard 24”x 48” panels and are only 1” thick. These are the wave panels from ProSoCoustic.

I realize 16 panels per wall sounds like a lot but this is a huge theater auditorium so based on the overall size of the room it really isn’t that much treatment.     

Other uses for sound treatment panels are conference rooms. Often designers make the room look cosmetically beautiful. Unfortunately, with too many hard surfaces the room can also be rendered unusable, at least for the intended use of hosting meetings and events. We’ve found even minimal treatment can help tame a room’s sound quality and get you much better results from your video or audio conferences.