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Bluesound vs. Sonos: Which One is Winning the Wi-Fi Speaker Race?

Upgrade Your Sound System Installation with Bluesound

Bluesound vs. Sonos: Which One is Winning the Wi-Fi Speaker Race?

If you’re in the market for a new sound system installation in St. Petersburg, you may have shopped around a bit in the big-box stores to see what’s out there. Sonos speakers are available in big box retailers and have been around the wireless sound system space for almost two decades. While Sonos does offer a good sonic experience, many people aren’t aware of how great a wireless speaker experience can be if they’re willing to invest in a proper sound system installation.

At AV Specialists, we’ve had several customers ask us about Sonos speakers, and we’ve decided to level with you in this blog. Keep reading to learn more about how Bluesound wins the race against Sonos with extra features, higher fidelity sound, and more.

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Easy of Use

A Bluesound sound system utilizes your wireless network to stream music and goes a step beyond typical wireless sound systems. It can communicate with up to 64 other BlueOS-enabled players, all controllable through the BlueOS Controller app on the smart device of your choice. If you have your smart devices integrated into a Control4 system, then you can manage and control your Bluesound speakers via any of your Control4-enabled devices.

Sound Quality

Sonos does offer TruePlay, which uses the microphone in your Apple iOS device and room correction algorithms to ensure the speaker sounds its best in the location you’ve placed it. It relies on the user waving the device up and down around the room, and sometimes has errors and inconsistent results.  A Bluesound speaker system – with configuration and installation by the professionals at AV Specialists - will provide uninterrupted, crystal clear, multi-room audio throughout your home. AV Specialists ensures each speaker in your sound system is expertly placed for maximum listening pleasure in every location in your home.

Bluesound offers true, 24-bit high-resolution digital audio, whether you’re streaming from TIDAL, Deezer, or from your personal music collection. Every song’s musical detail, including texture and volume, will blow you away and will sound just as the original artist intended. Sonos does not yet support high-resolution audio.

A More Complete Offering

Both brands offer wireless speakers, home theater soundbars, and additional components. Bluesound goes beyond by offering a dedicated 2TB network hard drive CD ripper and streamer, allowing you to store tens of thousands of lossless FLAC music  files or space-saving MP3s instead of draining the limited space on your smart devices or requiring a dedicated computer to house your library.

Bluesound is always quick to respond to the changing technology landscape. You can easily connect your sound system to the Amazon Alexa or Apple Home app so you can manage your listening experience with voice control. With a software upgrade late last year, Apple AirPlay 2 is now compatible with Bluesound, allowing users to stream audio directly from their iPhone, iPad or Mac synchronized with other Airplay 2 devices and controllable through Siri and Apple Home.

Additional Connection Options

Bluesound goes beyond the basic offerings of Sonos wireless speakers and includes a variety of input options the typical wireless speaker doesn’t typically offer. A USB port to play music directly from memory sticks, an ethernet port for wired connections, a headphone jack, and a combo optical/analog input jack are all available, plus Bluetooth 5.0 aptX for the best Bluetooth quality streaming. These extra features will serve you well in your audio listening for years to come in your St. Petersburg, FL home.

Although both Sonos and Bluesound are excellent wireless solutions, for larger homes and the ultimate in audio quality we highly recommend a full, wired sound system installation. We can install sleek architectural speakers that blend with your walls and ceilings, and integrated equipment that hides discreetly and neatly in an unused closet or cabinet. With such a setup you will also have a wide choice of speakers to choose from that best match your spaces and listening preferences.

Since 1995, AV Specialists have consistently offered the best selections to St. Petersburg and the surrounding area. If you’re ready to discuss a sound system installation and want to take your home speakers to the next level, contact us online. You can also call us at (727) 441-9292.