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4 Must-Have Devices To Integrate With Your Control4 System

Unify The Smart Technology In Your Clearwater Home With Control4

4 Must-Have Devices To Integrate With Your Control4 System

Smart home technology has experienced a dramatic rise in popularity over the last few years as manufacturers create devices that offer convenient automated features at affordable price points. As more people add smart devices to their homes, there’s a need for control systems that bring all of these separate components together in a streamlined interface that is easy for everyone in the household to use. Enter Control4, an industry leader in smart home automation that delivers a high-performance, comprehensive system that is customized for your family’s unique needs.

In this blog, we look at four must-have devices to help you get the most out of the Control4 system in your Clearwater home. Keep reading to learn which technology is right for your space and your family.

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Smart Lighting

Imagine the lights in your home turning on when you pull your car into the garage after work. With smart lighting control, you can program your Control4 system to make automatic changes to your lighting depending on your habits. You can adjust the brightness, temperature, and even the color of your lighting fixtures from your Control4 system. You can also set specific scenes that will change the atmosphere of your home by configuring multiple lighting fixtures at the same time.

Motorized Window Treatments

No more fussing with cords to lower your blinds. With motorized window treatments, you’ll be able to raise and lower your shades or blinds from your Control4 app. You can wake up refreshed by having your blinds raise to let in sunlight, and you won’t have to get off the couch to diminish the glare on your TV screen. Motorized window treatments also help you save energy by automatically adjusting throughout the day to let in natural light. This allows you to dim or turn off your smart lighting, lowering how much electricity your home uses. That’s both good for the environment and your wallet. 

High-End Speakers

If you have any interest in home audio, you may be familiar with BlueSound wireless speakers. These speakers combine sleek design with high-performance audio and simple controls. BlueSound makes it easy to give your home a multi-room audio setup, and you can access your speakers from the same app that controls all of your other smart technology. All it takes is a few button presses to pick what you want to listen in which room, and you can program your Control4 system to play different playlists for different occasions. BlueSound is also equipped with voice control through Alexa, allowing you to command your music like never before. Looking to take your sound system above and beyond to include in-ceiling speakers? Try Paradigm or Sonance. 

Smart Locks

Instead of using a traditional key, you can upgrade your home with smart locks that are monitored through your Control4 system. If you’re concerned about whether or not you’ve locked all the doors when you’re at work or cozy in bed at the end of the day, just load up the Control4 app to see if any doors are unlocked and make the necessary adjustments. In addition to smart locks, there’s a variety of smart home security solutions available to keep your home protected while you’re away. Control4’s Intercom Anywhere technology sends an alert to your smartphone if there’s someone at your front door, and you’ll be able to see them and interact directly from the app. If it’s a delivery person, unlock your front door so they can leave packages inside, safe from porch pirates.

Want to learn about other technologies to integrate with your Clearwater home's Control4 system? Reach out to one of our experts at (727) 441-9292 or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.