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Newest Must Have - The Huddle Room

Newest Must Have - The Huddle Room

It's not a Boardroom (too elaborate), it's not a Conference Room (too big), it's a Huddle Room.  A huddle room is the name that's been given to a small meeting room where a lot of the "real" work at the job actually gets done.  

So what is and what's in a Huddle Room you ask?  Typically, you would find these kinds of things:

  1. A medium sized TV
  2. A wireless connection from your laptop
  3. A wireless keyboard and mouse
  4. And maybe even a basic Video Conference System

When we first started installing rooms like this, most of them were still being done with wires. As of the last 12 months or so, reliable and affordable wireless options have become much more available.  We now have multiple options for wireless connection to your PC, tablets and phones. Along with being wireless the other new and cool thing is that most of these devices offer the ability to collaborate or have multiple people share the screen and view or edit documents. Additionally, these devices offer easy ways to share data by making use of Drop Box and other apps like it. Here are just a few of the options we have for this type of room:

  • Crestron Air Media - Air Media is a wireless solution that lets your share your screen via an IP address over the company wifi and iPad or Android apps. 
  • Kramer - VIA Connect Pro - Similar to Air Media at a lower price point.
  • Kramer - VIA Collage - A Connect Pro on Steroids. This piece uses a Windows platform so you can add your own applications to it. That allows you to do light video conferencing via Skype, Google or Go To Meeting.
  • MondoPad - MondoPad is an all in one system. It incorporates a wireless keyboard, a sound bar, a video camera and a smart board/white board. MondoPad can do the basic video conferencing like the VIA Collage but it can also talk to professional systems like Polycom or Cisco.  
  • There are also a few othere ways to do this type or sharing including Barco's ClickShareMersive's Solstice and some other vendors without the name recognition too.  

It's no longer necessary to make holes in your conference table, or have ugly rubber wire covers run across your floor.  These devices open up a whole new world of possibilities that are easy to use, work well and are reliable.