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Why Go Beyond Basic Business Surveillance Cameras?

3 Technologies that Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Tampa Company

Why Go Beyond Basic Business Surveillance Cameras?

The big question businesses owners often face is not whether they need a surveillance system, but how advanced that system needs to be. It can be tempting just to get an “off the shelf” generic CCTV solution, but before you go down that road, consider the advantages that modern surveillance technologies offer. The best approach for Florida companies is to get a system that is tailored to their needs, and that means considering all of the surveillance cameras’ possible capabilities. Keep reading to learn about some innovative features that could add value to your business:

1. Vandal Resistance

A camera that can easily be disabled or misdirected won’t do your business very much good. It’s a common issue for commercial security systems, which is why many modern cameras offer vandal-resistant options. These cameras are designed to protect the commonly attacked components such as connecting wires or the lens itself. The durable covering is resistant to damage from even the most determined individual, keeping your surveillance footage uncompromised.

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2. Analytics Software

Analytics have changed the game of video surveillance. They truly are what puts the “smart” in a smart security system. That’s because analytics are able to identify trends and notify you of security incidents without any manual effort from your employees. The analytics software can be custom-tailored to track the behaviors that matter most in your industry: clothing theft at a retail store, pocketing money at a bank, facial recognition at an airport, unsafe food handling practices at a restaurant, etc. When you invest in surveillance cameras that have built-in analytics capabilities, you’re getting so much more than just video footage. You’re getting loss prevention, enhanced security, greater compliance adherence, and more.

3. Audio Recording with Noise Reduction Technology

Sometimes visuals don’t tell the whole story. Having audio recordings at your business can be incredibly helpful in proving both guilt and innocence. The traditional drawback of camera audio was that the cameras were often located in remote areas like the top corner of a room, where picking up a hushed conversation is difficult. Fortunately, newer surveillance camera models are available that have high-end microphones capable of recording clearly legible audio even at a distance. It’s possible through noise reduction technology that filters out background noise like fans or machinery and hones in on vocal sound.  

So before you go out and get a generic CCTV solution, ask yourself if that is really the best option for your company. The features listed above barely scratch the surface of what you can do with a customized surveillance system. Interested in learning more? Give us a call today at (727) 441 9292.

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