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What to Expect From AV Specialists as Your Smart Home Company

Learn More About What it Means to Partner With AV Specialists

What to Expect From AV Specialists as Your Smart Home Company

If you are looking to make a smart home technology upgrade to your property, you might be seeking some help from a professional installation source.

But how do you choose the right partner? Here in the Tampa area, we know several companies offer smart home installation services.

Our team at AV Specialists is here to help you.

As a smart home company proudly serving the greater Tampa area for over 20 years, we keep your best interests as our top priority.

We detail what you can expect from our dedicated team of custom technology experts when you partner with us to install your smart home system below.

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Personalized Consultation

From the moment you first reach out to our team, you can expect a dedicated one-on-one experience.

We will take the time to learn about you, your house, and the types of smart home technology you are looking to add to your property.

Why do we take such a personalized approach? We believe that the more we understand what services you expect from our team, the more effectively we can build a system that elevates your lifestyle.

Our team at AV Specialists has worked with hundreds of local homeowners to add custom technology to their properties. But every project is unique and deserves undivided attention.

We will work with you to design a smart home system that is customized to your household, featuring top-performing technologies that are dedicated to delivering world-class user experience.

Best of all, you can be involved in our planning process so that any personal preferences are accounted for. After all, you ultimately will be the one using this technology on a day-to-day basis.

Expert Installation

Once our team has worked with you to develop a thorough smart home design, we then will begin the installation phase of your project.

Whether it’s a retrofit or a brand-new construction project, our team will coordinate with any third-party sources to ensure seamless installation of your technology.

As a smart home company, we have years of experience in building and integrating custom technology systems. That means you should expect only the best quality of service from our team.

Not only will we skillfully and carefully install your devices to prioritize uninterrupted performance and interior design, but we also will work with you to ensure you are ready to use your technology once your system is built and ready to operate.

Our team will dedicate time to teach you how to use your smart home system so that you can expertly maneuver it from the moment it’s available to you.

Ongoing Service and Maintenance

When you work with AV Specialists, you are gaining a technology resource available to you long after your initial installation is complete.

Ever have a question about how to operate your smart home system? You can view our online video library, for example, or you can reach out to our team and ask for personalized help.

We even offer ongoing monitoring services to ensure your devices always are running at optimal performance and maintenance services to readily repair your smart home technology when necessary.

If you would like to learn more about how our smart home company at AV Specialists can help you achieve your custom technology goals, we encourage you to reach out to us today!

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