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Top 3 Things to Consider Before Installing Surveillance Cameras

A Professional Installation Always Beats the DIY Route

Top 3 Things to Consider Before Installing Surveillance Cameras

Big-box retailers have begun selling out-of-the-box surveillance cameras on their shelves but offer no support in the installation or service of the cameras themselves. DIY seems like an inexpensive solution, but inexpensive doesn’t always mean painless.

When you work with a security and automation professional like AV Specialists, you can rest assured that someone with years of technical experience will expertly design and service your surveillance camera installation for years to come. Plus, we can integrate your cameras with your smart alarm and home automation systems.

Keep reading this blog to learn three things you should consider before choosing DIY over a professional installation for your St. Petersburg, FL surveillance camera installation.

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Installation Know-How

While most surveillance system components have become easier to install over the years, don’t be fooled by the implied ease of DIY. Some camera placements require drilling into masonry and other building materials and may need wired or wireless electrical and network connections.

A professional has the experience to not only handle wired and wireless camera installations in a variety of building materials, but they can also design a network of security cameras that incorporate into your St. Petersburg home’s security system. They can even go as far as integrating every component into your home automation system. You could potentially control it all with just a tap of a finger.

Cloud vs. Local Storage

Local storage offers privacy and convenience of storing surveillance footage locally. Cloud storage allows you to access surveillance camera footage remotely from your smartphone or a desktop computer. Both are reliable ways to save footage, but depending on your lifestyle, you may prefer a cloud-based storage system for ease of access to footage no matter where you are.

A technology professional like AV Specialists will ensure your network is upgraded with high-quality Pakedge products for a robust and reliable connection of your surveillance cameras. All wiring and installation will be handled by our team who have years of experience in designing the most secure and scalable surveillance solutions for your home.

Quality Products

Our team also works with high-performance surveillance cameras like LILIN, which offer ultra-high resolution, HDR, and high frame rates, so your footage is always crystal clear, even in low light conditions. LILIN provides a wide range of high-performance dome, panoramic, and covert IP cameras, perfect for any security application at your Florida property.

We’ve been offering exemplary surveillance solutions and service to our clients in St. Petersburg and the surrounding Florida areas since 1995. If you’d like a high-quality surveillance camera installation in your home, call us today at (727) 441-9292 or contact us using this form. We can’t wait to hear from you.