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3 Ways Smart Surveillance Cameras Make Your Belleair Home Safer

Make Your Home Security Smarter with Cameras from LILIN

3 Ways Smart Surveillance Cameras Make Your Belleair Home Safer

Belleair, Florida is known for its gorgeous homes and beautiful views. The unfortunate truth is that areas with high-value homes are often seen as valuable targets for thieves. Is your home’s security system prepared against that risk? One effective way to keep your home safe is with surveillance cameras. In this blog, we cover three main ways that surveillance cameras help enhance security for luxury homes.

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Deter Intruders

The best home security system is one that never has to be put to the test. That is to say, you want to keep intruders away from your home before they reach the alarms and locks. Surveillance cameras are a good way to accomplish this. When a potential thief is casing your home, the surveillance cameras will serve as a big red flag. The cameras prove that the home is well protected, so the intruders are going to skip over your home in favor of one that isn’t as well guarded.

Capture Valuable Evidence

If a thief is truly determined, they’re going to gain access to your home no matter how strong its defenses are. If that happens, you’ll want as much information about the perpetrators as possible so that the police can track them down easily.

A decade ago, surveillance cameras weren’t capable of providing more than a grainy image of a figure moving across the screen, but that’s not the case anymore. LILIN, a top-notch global IP video manufacturer, offers surveillance cameras that record and stream in 4K Ultra HD! With the crystal clear imagery provided by these cameras, you’ll be able to notice minute details about your home as you review security footage or check on the cameras in real time.

View Your Home from Anywhere

A smartphone or tablet is all you need if you want to know if you left the garage door open, the gate unlocked, or the oven on. Being able to instantly check on your house from anywhere in the world does more than just give you peace of mind—it helps you identify security risks immediately. If the garage door really is open, you know to return home or call someone to come close it. Even better, if your surveillance cameras are connected to a full smart home automation solution, you can close your garage door from anywhere simply by tapping your smartphone. Smart home control provides full security without any extra effort or inconvenience to you.

Are you ready to improve security at your home with smart surveillance cameras? AV Specialists can handle all of your smart home automation needs, from surveillance cameras to remote control. To learn about the best options for your home, contact us today.