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The Best Options for Boardroom Automation Technology

Learn Which Products Will Work Best in Your Tampa Boardroom

The Best Options for Boardroom Automation Technology

If you have decided to take advantage of boardroom automation technology in your Tampa, FL business, the next logical step is choosing which products will give you the reliable, convenient experience you want for your clients and employees. Our boardroom integrators understand which products excel at improving productivity and client experiences. Below, we’ve covered some of the best boardroom automation technologies available today.

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A strong network is the backbone of any boardroom technology. You need a networking solution that is secure, reliable, and fast—and that’s what you get with Pakedge. Pakedge’s networking products enable you to control a vast number of devices on the same network, handling everything from teleconferencing to firewalls.

Lighting and Shading

Turn down the lights for a presentation or raise the shades to bring energetic lighting to an afternoon meeting by integrating lighting and shading control technology in your boardroom. Lutron offers lighting and shading solutions that truly are top quality. From automatically turning the lights off after everyone leaves the room to dynamically changing the shades depending on the sunlight levels, Lutron’s control solutions will make your boardroom lighting perfect for any circumstance.


Never struggle to hear during a teleconference again. With ClearOne’s line of microphones, audio, and video connectivity solutions, you’ll get pure sound and visuals no matter how large your boardroom is. ClearOne’s systems optimize audio to avoid feedback and noise during teleconferences so that you don’t have to deal with garbled speech during your meetings.  


If you’ve never tried a Hitachi projector before, now is the time to experience it. Hitachi has a broad line of projectors perfect for each corporate need, from a simple huddle room to a large auditorium. Their projectors are reliable and long-lasting, and they provide super clear visuals for your presentations.


A strong business security system covers more than just the exterior of your building. Protect your investment in boardroom technology by monitoring the room with a video surveillance system by Visualint. More than just cameras, Visualint’s surveillance systems are truly smart—they use analytics to identify crucial events, such as an intruder tampering with equipment, and then notify your security team immediately.


Your employees shouldn’t have to fumble around with the existing boardroom presentation system for 10 minutes, trying to get their PowerPoint to show up on the screen or the speakers to work. Instead, make your boardroom ready for meetings in moments by integrating your room’s projector, screen, speakers, lighting, and more into one simple control system. We recommend Crestron for commercial automation control. Crestron’s solutions run the gamut of boardroom automation technology—if it’s possible to be automated, Crestron has the equipment to do it. Crestron’s interfaces are very intuitive, so all of your employees can understand exactly how to operate the boardroom technology immediately.

There are many other boardroom automation products that can help your business be more streamlined and efficient. To learn about the best options for your boardroom, contact us today.