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The Basics of Tunable Lighting for Your Tampa Home

Learn the benefits of tunable lighting control for your home this summer.

The Basics of Tunable Lighting for Your Tampa Home

Tunable lighting is a newer innovation in the lighting industry and can improve the livability of your home by enhancing your comfort and wellness and boosting your productivity throughout your day. Our team at AV Specialists offers a variety of smart home solutions for properties in the Tampa area, and tunable lighting is a newer technology we’ve been quick to add to our service offerings.

Both brightness and color temperature can be adjusted with tunable lighting, syncing with your circadian rhythm. Brightness and color temperature shifts also bring the benefits of the Florida outdoors inside, without the extra summer heat!

Keep reading below to learn the basics of tunable lighting and how this home lighting control solution can help improve your life.

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Easy to Use

While both tunable LED lightbulbs and fixtures are operable with a regular light switch, you can also fully integrate tunable LED lighting into a comprehensive lighting control system used throughout your home. With the tap of a fingertip, control and adjust the tunable lighting in any room with a smartphone, in-wall keypad, or tablet.

Saves You Time

Instead of walking throughout your Florida home and manually adjusting lights, an integrated home lighting control system installed by AV Specialists will save you precious time. Ever had dimmable light in one area and then tried to match the color and brightness of the light in the adjacent room? Don’t be frustrated anymore! Use your control system to adjust lighting in one or every room with the touch of a button; set the mood for a romantic meal in the dining room while also adjusting the lighting in the playroom for the kids.

Match Your Mood

Tunable white LED lighting can boost your mood! Warm, soft lighting can reduce stress and anxiety and is a great setting to use in the evenings when you’re slowing down from a busy day and easing into your bedtime routine. Bright, cool lighting can improve productivity; tuning your bulbs to this setting midday will help you fight the dreaded post-lunch slump. Adjust the brightness of your lighting directly from your smart device of choice.

You can also automate preset scenes within your home lighting control system! Automatically adjust the lighting to dim throughout your home when the Florida sun begins to set. Why not add motorized window treatments, too? While the lights begin to dim in the evening, you can also automatically lower the shades or manually control them through your smart home system.

Intrigued by what tunable home lighting control can do you for you and your family? Reach out to AV Specialists online or call us at (727) 441-9292.