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Take the Fun Outdoors with an Immersive Backyard Sound System

Partner with a Pro Outdoor Audio Installer like AV Specialists for Your Dream Backyard Soundscape

Take the Fun Outdoors with an Immersive Backyard Sound System

With warmer weather on the way, it’s almost time to take the fun outdoors again. Poolside parties and alfresco dining are just a few activities that families in Clearwater, FL can enjoy this spring and summer in their waterfront backyards.

When planning your outdoor activities, don’t forget the most important component: the music. A dedicated backyard sound system can elevate any party or evening of relaxation, especially when you partner with a professional outdoor audio installer like AV Specialists. We use high-quality audio solutions that withstand the elements, blend into your landscape, and are easy to control.

Read below to learn what to expect when you call on AV Specialists to design and install your backyard sound system.

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Music that Follows You Wherever You Go

No matter how big your outdoor living spaces are, strategically installed landscape speakers and subwoofers make it possible to enjoy hi-fi sound from every corner of your backyard. From the pool to the patio, your music will follow you everywhere thanks to evenly distributed satellite speakers and subwoofers that blanket your backyard with quality audio. Never experience dropouts, muffled sound, or fluctuated volumes as you host a party or enjoy a sunny afternoon with family.

Hidden Satellites & Subwoofers

Our team uses Sonance SONARRAY and Coastal Source to bring you the latest and greatest in landscape audio solutions. SONARRAY by Sonance is a satellite and subwoofer speaker system that delivers even sound quality throughout areas of up to 2,000 sqft. Each component is constructed from a natural earth tone color-molded composite that won’t corrode or flake over time, no matter how extreme the weather. Once installed, speakers and subwoofers stay camouflaged among your plants and foliage.

Coastal Source offers a large variety of beautiful outdoor speaker solutions that seamlessly blend into your landscape, too. Choose from their impressive full-range Ellipse Bollard speakers, Mini Ellipse Bollard speakers, modular brass bullet speakers, and even camouflaged rock speakers. Each is intelligently designed to ensure superior performance and reliability while withstanding even the most intense rains, winds, temperature, and debris.

Expertly Crafted Sound Field for Contained Listening

Directing your audio in an uncontrolled environment can be challenging if you’re unsure of the best locations to install speakers and subwoofers. When we install your outdoor audio system, we’ll create a sound field that points audio back to your house instead of spilling over to adjoining properties. Your music will stay within the confines we set instead of getting lost out on the water or disturbing your neighbors.

We’re only a call away from helping you create an impressive and immersive outdoor sound system just in time for spring and summer. Want a live demo first? We can bring these speakers to your property at no cost to you so you can listen to them for yourself before making a final decision.

To schedule a free consultation with us, call (727) 441-9292, fill out our online contact form, or send us a live chat below to speak with an AV expert right now.