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Professional AV Installation: What Will It Cost?

Professional AV Installation: What Will It Cost?

Starting a discussion about AV Installation can feel intimidating, particularly when so many corporate settings are trying to reduce overhead cost. In recent years, there's been a transition from focusing on cost to, instead, focusing on the quality of the system installed.

Overall, this is a positive trend, but when considering initial installation- or a system upgrade- what is a reasonable expectation of cost? The short answer is that cost will vary widely depending on the type of system installed, the trained professional installing the system, and the environment including not only the local cost of living but also, the dimensions, complexity, and specifications of the installation space. While each of these factors may be dependent on others, and no specific monetary cost can be quoted that would apply to everyone, let's discuss the cost we can universally evaluate.

The Cost of Self-Installation

Wait, isn't installing a product as an individual a method for saving money? Well, possibly. Unfortunately, we often find that installing a professional grade AV system without a professional results in a sloppy (at best) and dangerous (at worst) workspace following installation. Wiring may be exposed and visible, or may be lined along the floor as a tripping hazard. These expose your professional setting to liability risk, as well as the cost to replace damaged items due to exposure to moisture, dust, or other factors that can easily be controlled, by a professional technician. Other costs may include the purchase of unnecessary equipment, replacement of the AV equipment if it is not designed to hold up in a professional environment, and even additional costs when the time comes to upgrade or expand the AV system. Working with a professional allows the business to express what needs to happen and the professional to recommend the exact product necessary for the specific job. By trying to save money on a product- for example by purchasing a residential product instead of a commercial product- you may actually end up with additional costs for power, earlier replacement, or a loss to the aesthetics of the space.

Efficiency Means Decreased Cost

Working with a professional may be more costly at the outset of a project, but should be considered the most efficient use of funds for any AV installation project. Only paying for an installation once, having the correct appliance, and working with warrantied products and labor are all benefits of a professional relationship. If your professional setting would like to discuss needs, or cost, for an AV upgrade, please contact us. We are happy to offer reasonable quotes, equipment recommendations, and work with you to ensure your installation saves money in the long-term.