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New Home or Remodeling? Control4 is the Smart Home Upgrade You Need

Why A Smart Home Automation System is A Great Investment

New Home or Remodeling? Control4 is the Smart Home Upgrade You Need

If you’re looking to add a spark to a new home or unique remodeling ideas for your existing one, smart home technology is a great place to start. Renovating doesn’t have to mean new furniture, tearing down walls, or changing your room’s color palette. Making a technology upgrade using Control4 can immediately make your Clearwater home more beautiful, comfortable and fun.

As your local Control4 dealers, we’d love to show you how a home automation system can completely transform your space. Maybe you're looking for new ways to entertain guests, or you want to streamline your home's style. Everyone can find unique ways to take advantage of intuitive and automated control of their technology.

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Give Your Home a Stylistic Makeover

Boosting your home’s style doesn’t have to mean big purchases or layout changes. Small technology changes can make a drastic difference in your home if done right. From centralizing your technology to enhancing your lighting design, Control4 can help you embrace these subtle upgrades.

The first step is using centralized control to get rid of unnecessary clutter. Having control of your lights, thermostat, entertainment and more from one device lets you streamline your décor. Eliminate that pile of remotes on the coffee table, get rid of ugly shade wands and cords, and reduce the number of wall switches.

Enhancing your home’s style could also be as simple as improving your lighting design. Control4 makes it easier to dim lights or even adjust their color to refresh your home’s look. It’s also simpler to manage layered lighting designs that include overhead, accent, and task lighting.

Take Control of Your Ocean Views

Very few people can boast the type of beautiful ocean views we get in Clearwater. Every afternoon you can take in the sunset over the beach from the comfort of home. But not all sunlight is ideal when it's coming through your floor-to-ceiling windows.

The sunlight coming into your space will result in heat gain making your air conditioning strain to keep your family at a comfortable temperature. On days that you want to catch up on your favorite TV shows, the glare can become unbearable.

Get more out of your views without ruining your comfort with Control4’s smart shades and thermostats. Use sensors, schedules or mobile apps to lower shades when the sun is hitting hardest. Without leaving the couch, you can also adjust the thermostat as needed to create the perfect environment.

Create a Fluid Hosting Environment

When hosting a party or dinner, Control4’s home automation can be a real lifesaver. As the night progresses and the party movies from one spot to another, you can create the perfect festive atmosphere without leaving your guests.

Start things off with a “Party” scene that turns on lights in the foyer and living room and pulls up a dedicated playlist. As the sun begins to set, the party makes its way outside. You can use an app to play music through your outdoor speakers and turn on your landscape lighting. If a new guest arrives while you’re out back, you can unlock the door remotely to let them in and greet them through an intercom.

As the party heads back inside, maybe you want to lower the thermostat to help everyone refresh from the outside heat. You can adjust the temperature from your phone, so you don't have to step away from your guests when the party's still thriving.

Want to create a more beautiful, comfortable home that you can show off to your friends and family? As your local Control4 dealers, we can help you design a custom smart home solution for your space. To get started, click the button below or call us at (727) 441-9292.


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