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Music Lovers: You’ve Never Listened to Speakers Like These Before

We’re Thrilled to Offer Bowers & Wilkins for Audiophiles Everywhere

Music Lovers: You’ve Never Listened to Speakers Like These Before

Our team at AV Specialists is committed to delivering the world’s best solutions in high-performance audio for our music-loving homeowners in Belleair and the surrounding Florida area. With that said, we’re proud to now offer speakers from one of the world’s finest names in audio: Bowers & Wilkins.

Universally loved by audiophiles, Bowers & Wilkins is believed by many to offer the best loudspeakers in the world. In fact, Bowers & Wilkins has long been the preferred speaker of Abbey Road Studios. Read on to learn more about the beloved audio brand and its wide variety of speaker offerings for your whole-home sound system.

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More Than 50 Years of Audio Excellence

John Bowers founded Bowers & Wilkins in England in 1966 with a mission to create the perfect loudspeaker. A passionate music fan, John wanted to recreate the musical experience just as it was presented in a live environment. His vision paved the way for innovation resulting in loudspeakers that produce sound with unprecedented realism.

For more than 50 years, Bowers & Wilkins has been the standard-bearer in the high-fidelity world through their handcrafted speakers, superior-grade materials, and industry-leading audio engineering. Despite being best known for their flagship loudspeakers, Bowers & Wilkins also offers the same exemplary audio standard in their line of subwoofers, wireless speakers, and architectural speakers.


The Preferred Speaker of Abbey Road Studios

You’ve likely heard of Abbey Road Studios. It’s only the most famous recording studio in the world—and a global music icon. The name is synonymous with the legendary work of The Beatles, who recorded roughly 90% of their music there. Abbey Road Studios’ history also spans the works of Pink Floyd, Aretha Franklin, and other incredible musicians.

Abbey Road Studios proudly calls Bowers & Wilkins their preferred brand of speaker due to the precise level of audio fidelity they offer. Abbey Road uses Bowers & Wilkins’ most recent range of 800 Series speakers known as Diamond D3, which is the outcome of seven years of research to create the most true-to-sound loudspeaker to date. In fact, the series is named after Bowers & Wilkins’ famous tweeter-on-top technology, which features a proprietary diamond dome tweeter for the ultimate in detail and realism.

A Variety of Home Audio Offerings

Bowers & Wilkins isn’t just for music lovers. Cinema lovers, these are for you too. One of the unique qualities of Bowers & Wilkins speakers is that they aren’t designed specifically just for music or just for movies. Their line of speakers can handle the dynamic range of both.

The Bowers & Wilkins range of speakers is broad. The pinnacle of audio performance, of course, lies in their 800 Series Diamond D3 loudspeakers, which we mentioned above. Their 700 Series loudspeakers feature center-channels, three-way floor-standers, and compact bookshelf speakers for simple yet powerful sound. Or try the 600 Series, which features floor-standers, center-channels, and bookshelf speakers designed with proprietary Continuum cone technology for a pure and precise soundscape.

Bowers & Wilkins also offers best-in-class subwoofers for the thundering bass you only dream of. Craving even deeper bass in your home theater? The 2000-watt DB1D subwoofer is your perfect companion. For a more agile bass with an iconic design, try the unique PV1D.

Go wireless while enjoying the fidelity of wired speakers. Bowers & Wilkins wireless speakers feature proprietary technology that creates perfected in-room speaker synchronization, providing the ultimate listening experience in any environment. It’s easier than ever to create a transformative whole-home sound system with synchronized wireless speakers throughout your property that feature performance tweeters, drivers, and an integrated subwoofer.

For high-fidelity music and movies, choose the Formation soundbar that’s built with nine optimized drive units for wide, rich audio. Pair it with the Formation bass for deeper, more immersive sound. Want invisible whole-home audio that fills your rooms with superb sound without getting in the way? Try Bowers & Wilkins in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, which never compromise on quality. Whatever your home audio goal, we’ll help you choose the right solutions.

Let AV Specialists be the first to show you the power of Bowers & Wilkins home audio. To learn more about the Bowers & Wilkins speaker line, or how to create a multiroom sound system in your home, contact us here or send us a live chat below. We look forward to hearing from you.