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Motorized Shades Bring Style and Convenience to Your Florida Home

Give Yourself – and Your Windows – Versatile Upgrade Options

Motorized Shades Bring Style and Convenience to Your Florida Home

How long does it take you to walk around your living spaces to open or close every shade or drape in your Belleair home? If you have several windows, taking the time to open every window to invite the bright Florida sun inside may be a large part of your morning routine! Adding motorized shades to your home can significantly lower the amount of time it takes to open and close window treatments. The addition also brings increased energy savings, added safety, and improved style.

If the thought of upgrading every window in your home is particularly daunting, then consider a strategic approach to motorized shading upgrades. Select a few rooms to improve now and allow yourself the flexibility to upgrade later easily.

Read on to learn the basics of motorized shading solutions, plus learn about one of our favorite offerings from QMotion that can help you strategically upgrade your Belleair, FL home’s window treatments.

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With QBasic+ shades from QMotion, you have the flexibility of installing beautiful window treatments throughout your home, with manual and motorized options. First, install QBasic+ manual shades, then when you’re ready to upgrade to motorized shades, the mounting brackets can stay put and you only need the manual clutch switched out for a concealed motor. It takes installers just a few minutes to make the swap.

These manual shades are counterbalanced, so they offer less resistance than typical manual shades, meaning operation is smoother, lighter, and more controlled. Once installed, the motor is whisper-quiet and responsive. Plus, you have the option for battery or hardwired shades depending on your needs. QMotion motorized shades also feature a patented manual override so you can hand-operate your shades without causing damage to the internal mechanisms.

Smart Home Integration

All QMotion motorized shades can be integrated into a Control4 smart home system. Imagine your motorized shades working in harmony with the rest of the smart technologies in your home. Wireless and hardwired solutions offer two-way communication with Control4 systems and can be controlled via the Control4 app on your smartphone, the Control4 interface on a touchscreen, or a hand-held QMotion remote.

Styling Options

No matter the motorized shading solution you choose, there are fabric and style options sure to complement your décor. Sheer woven fabrics, patterns, and light and heat blocking shades are all options from QMotion. You can coordinate each room of your Belleair home with a different material to meet the interior design scheme of each room.

If you’re ready to explore the possibilities of upgrading to motorized shading or want to have the option of upgrading manual shades now and integrating motorized capabilities later, call us today at (727) 441-9292, chat with us below, or fill out our contact form to get started.