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How Can You Customize Your QMotion Shades?

You’ll Enjoy the Nearly Endless Possibilities!

How Can You Customize Your QMotion Shades?

AV Specialists installs QMotion shades in our Tampa, Florida, homes. Their certified shading solutions boast eco-friendly benefits, childproof features, are easily integrated with Control4, and more. But did you know that they also carry nearly unlimited customization options to fit your unique home’s every need and design specification?

Whether you want a particular fabric, opacity level or texture, AV Specialists won’t stop until we find the ideal shading solution that suits you. Keep reading to explore the customization level that you can achieve by working with us.

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What is QMotion?

In 2014, the first and only track-less motorized drapery rod was introduced displaying QMotion’s commitment to innovative design and technology concepts. QMotion takes pride in crafting some of the longest-lasting battery shades available and offering multiple styles, fabrics and finishes to meet all design tastes.

Shades for Each Style

QMotion’s roller shades were engineered for attractive design, due to their narrow bracketing system that looks more streamlined while blocking obtrusive side light.

They also can fit into most rooms with ease. Whether you prefer a blackout shade or something more translucent, QMotion has shades in all opacity levels. We can install the light-canceling shades in home theaters so you can enjoy entertainment, free of ambient lighting. Their sheer shades might look equally at home within your kitchen, where you might want to attract more sunlight.

You can even find patterned window treatments, from ribbed to floral. Take a look at some of QMotion’s cool textures that could add dimension to any room!

Customized Control

QMotion gives users what they call Manual Override, or the ability to operate your shades either manually or through integrated controls, without changing any settings. For example, QMotion’s window treatments are smart enough to know that a quick tug means that it should operate manually and raise the fixture a few inches.

Seconds later, you can request to lower shades from your smartphone, and its automation function kicks in. This feature could prove helpful in many situations: Maybe your family members feel more comfortable operating manual shades, but you crave a more automated home. Or perhaps you need to adjust a shade that you’re sitting right underneath instead of looking for a phone or remote. Whether you want to step away from technology or embrace it, QMotion provides bespoke control.

Shading Accessories and Control

QMotion leaves no detail to chance when crafting their switchplates, network devices and remotes, which would blend seamlessly into most home designs. Even the curtain accessories come in six unique style options and finishes.

Ready to explore firsthand how motorized shades fit into your home? We’d love to demonstrate a few design options that we think you’ll enjoy. Just call us at (727) 441-9292 or fill out this quick form for a hassle-free consultation.