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Install the Perfect A/V System for Your Bar or Restaurant

How to Boost Business with Commercial AV in Tampa, FL

Install the Perfect A/V System for Your Bar or Restaurant

More and more restaurants in the Tampa, Florida area are upgrading their buildings with commercial audio/video systems. And with good reason: high-quality A/V can help pull in new customers and keep those customers coming back. If you’re just getting started with commercial audio/video, here are some helpful considerations worth reading:

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You Can Get High-Quality Audio Without Clutter

Tangles of cords and bulky sound equipment aren’t likely the type of décor you want for your bar. Hiding speakers behind plants and art isn’t the solution—you end up with muffled sound quality. Instead of having speakers plainly visible, they can be installed in the ceiling and walls so that you can’t see them at all. Quality A/V installation should include a clean, uncluttered design that has your patrons focusing on the beautiful music or the big game on the screens, not the big the pile of cords on the floor.

Not All Video Displays are Created Equal

The video displays in your restaurant should enhance your desired ambiance, whether that’s the colorful and lively vibe of a sports bar or the calm, soothing environment of a café. A small, dingy video display isn’t going to evoke that “wow” moment from customers. But what will get that reaction is a 4K Ultra HD display.

When compared with a traditional 1080p television, 4K Ultra HD TVs have four times as many pixels. What this means is that the image on a 4K TV is much more detailed and lifelike. While 4K used to be an exclusive, solely top-of-the-line product, it is now mainstream. Investing in this new technology is a worthwhile investment that will get your business ready for the future.

Simplify Your Controls with One Universal Remote

In a busy restaurant environment, the last thing you want your staff to have to worry about is juggling different TV displays and music systems. All the different A/V components in your restaurant can be integrated into one seamless, easy-to-use control system so your staff can easily navigate every system and space. They’ll be able to quickly adjust the thermostat, TV channel and speaker volume to make customers happy at all times.

Are you ready to enhance your Tampa restaurant or bar with a high-end commercial audio/video system? So are we. Contact us today to learn more.