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Enjoy The Stunning Sound Of A High-End Audio System

How to Take Your Music-Listening Experience to the Highest Level

Enjoy The Stunning Sound Of A High-End Audio System

Some people like listening to music. They pop in their earbuds to pass the time when the mood hits them or during mundane moments in the day. On the other hand, you love to listen to every nuance of a song – the highs, lows, and everything in between. In fact, you want to hear music as close to the original recording as possible. To get that, you need something more than a traditional stereo system or ordinary earbuds.

High-end audio never disappoints. In fact, it’s the only way to enjoy your favorite music to the fullest. AV Specialists installs high-end systems for homeowners in Palm Harbor, FL, and the surrounding areas. Keep reading to learn why you need a system in your home.

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But I Have Really Good Speakers!

Back in the 1980s, people thought a cassette tape was the best way to listen to music. They didn’t replace records, but they offered a certain quality and convenience that most consumers loved. After buying the latest album, they’d go home, pop in the tape, and listen to music on their consumer-grade speakers. They thought they were getting the best quality possible, but they weren’t.

Even now, you may think the current speaker system in your media room is phenomenal. Sad to say, if they are consumer-grade speakers, the quality isn’t much better than it was decades ago. In a way, you’re stuck in the past. Most big-box speaker brands compress and distort the audio you hear. Because most big-name companies mass-produce their speakers in an assembly line, the sound quality suffers. The speaker system may look good and cost less, but it cannot meet the high-quality sound of a high-end system. What you need is a full, rich audio experience that truly blows you away.

Here’s a Much Better Choice

High-performance speakers and audio systems from makers like Bowers & Wilkins, Sonus-Faber, and McIntosh set the bar to the highest level. They are built to deliver premium audio. These manufacturers put quality as their top priority. Want to hear music the way it’s meant to be heard? Play a record, CD, or streaming playlist through the system, and you’ll hear music with absolutely no audio compression or distortion. Your high-end speakers pick up every note and audio nuance. These premium speakers and audio systems offer a very clean and detailed sound – just like the recording artist wanted it. Would you like to hear what it sounds like? AV Specialists has a showroom where you can “test-drive” a high-end system.

The Final Touch: A High-Fidelity Streaming Service

After outfitting your living room, media room, or home theater with a robust audio system, don’t stop there. You have one more task before turning on the system. If you’re like most people, you probably listen to music from a popular streaming service like Spotify or Pandora. The problem is . . . if you stream it through your system, you won’t notice a big difference in sound quality. That’s because most free streaming services compress their music.

Instead, you need to subscribe to a high-fidelity streaming service, such as Deezer or Tidal. They offer a lossless audio experience. In other words, you won’t lose any audio quality when you listen to songs. Pair the streaming service with your hi-fi speaker system, and you’ll enjoy music like you’ve never heard before. Best of all, you can control everything – the songs and the entire system – with your smart home tablet or smartphone.

Get the superior sound quality you want with a high-end audio system in Palm Harbor. Call AV Specialists at (727) 441-9292 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.