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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Installing an Outdoor Sound System

A Professional Outdoor Audio Installation Requires the Know-How to Do It Right

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Installing an Outdoor Sound System

An outdoor sound system installation is one of the best home improvement projects you can take on today, especially here in sunny Palm Harbor, Florida. Not only will an outdoor sound system elevate your backyard activities, but it will also add entertainment value to your home.

But installing a quality outdoor sound system takes more planning and know-how than you might think. It’s much more than simply placing wireless speakers on the patio. If you’re considering outdoor audio, be sure to avoid the following common mistakes when setting up your system.

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Choosing Indoor Speakers for Outdoor Use

Maybe you own some stereo speakers that sound amazing indoors. So, why not bring them outside with you when you’re relaxing on the patio or swimming in the pool? Here’s why: Indoor speakers are not designed to thrive in outdoor environments. Heat, water, and debris will ruin your expensive equipment. Also, since speakers are built with an enclosed acoustic setting in mind, your indoor speakers won’t have the volume output required to properly fill your wide-open backyard with power-punching sound.

Installing the Wrong Speakers in the Wrong Places

Proper speaker placement matters in any acoustic setting, but it’s especially important in outdoor areas where no enclosed walls exist to contain sound. You must also consider where you want to enjoy your music. Maybe you only want speakers on the deck, or perhaps you want music to fill every square-foot of your backyard. Your preference will significantly change which speakers you choose and where you place them. For instance, wall-mounted stereo speakers may be great for contained sound under a covered porch, but landscape satellites are ideal for covering large outdoor areas with even sound.

Forgetting About Audio Distribution

Your outdoor sound system doesn’t have to be separate from your indoor sound system. If you’re a true music enthusiast looking for an easier way to control your home audio, you should consider audio distribution. A multi-room audio system like Control4 allows you to pipe music in any and every area of your home that has connected speakers—including the outdoors. Just select where you want to listen to music, choose an artist or playlist, and enjoy. Control4 puts your zones, audio sources, and controls inside one easy-to-use interface!

Not Working with an AV Expert

You’ll find plenty of wireless weather-resistant speakers online if you decide to take on this project yourself. However, if you’re looking for a system that is high quality, reliable, easy to use, and maintains the beauty of your backyard, then you should call on an AV professional. When your outdoor sound system is professionally designed and installed to maximize listening enjoyment while maintaining focus on the beauty of your landscaping, you won’t have to worry about optimal speaker placement or frustrating controls. Just pick up your preferred Control4 device, select a playlist, and relax.

Our team at AV Specialists would love to help you create the backyard entertainment system you’ve been dreaming of. To get started on your project, fill out our contact form or send us a live chat below. We look forward to working with you!