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Considering a Home Theater Installation for Your Florida Home?

Choose an Award-Winning Sony TV for Your Home Theater

Considering a Home Theater Installation for Your Florida Home?

If you’ve considered the possibilities of a home theater installation for your St. Petersburg home, you’ve probably come upon the issue of what type of TV or projector and projection screen to choose from. While there are many options available on the market today, we’ve had many successes with installation of Sony TVs from their MASTER and BRAVIA lines.

Sony has long been part of the television and cinema industry, and their home theater offerings knock it out of the park. In 2000, Sony’s TV team began collaborating with Sony Pictures Entertainment on Theater Mode. Theater Mode brought the cinema experience into viewers’ homes. Together, the TV and cinema teams of Sony work together to standardize formats like HDR and 4K. This teamwork helps to bring the cinema experience to your very own home theater.

Keep reading to learn about three different Sony offerings that you can consider for your very own future home theater installation.

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Part of the BRAVIA series, this Sony offering is a 4K HDR OLED Smart TV. Sony’s X1 Extreme processor offers real-time image processing for incredibly detailed images. If your content is not native 4K, the processor takes whatever you watch and upscales it to near 4K quality.

OLED offers the most accurate blacks, and natural colors pop on the screen. There are over 8 million self-illuminating pixels, individually controlled by the X1 Extreme processor, and each pixel takes part in producing unprecedented contrast. Scenes are also brought to life in color, contrast, clarity and sound because the Sony A8 OLED is an IMAX Enhanced product and features Dolby Vision. Installing a TV from this Sony series will create an immersive and engaging cinematic experience in your home theater.

The speakers of the A8 series use Sony’s acoustic technology and feature dual subwoofers. The sound is good but not as robust as the A9 MASTER series. The remote also features a Google button, allowing you to control Google Home devices.


The A9 OLED is part of Sony’s MASTER Series and is a 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Smart TV. In 2019 the A9 OLED won Residential Systems’ Best of Show Award. Residential Systems judges entries through the lens of the residential integrator. This 4K TV will look great set atop furniture in your media room or home theater or look stunning mounted on the wall.

Sony’s acoustic technology with dual subwoofers creates great sound like the A8 OLED but features a third channel dedicated to vocals. This means dialogue will sound exceptionally great! There’s also an analog input on the back of the A9 OLED to allow the acoustic glass to act as a center channel in a bigger home audio/video system that has a receiver.

The Sony X1 Ultimate processor enhances finer details than the A8 and features a pixel contrast booster. The contrast booster allows white pixels to turn on or off in spots that are extremely bright and keeps the bright spots looking more authentic and natural. The A9 OLED also features the latest Android O operating system and can be used hands-free as a Google device by saying, “Hey, Google.”

Z Series

The Sony MASTER Series Z9G won the TWICE Best of Show Award in 2019. TWICE works in tandem with Residential Systems (mentioned above) to award best-of-the-best awards annually; their award decisions are based on a consumer’s view rather than an integrator’s.

While the Z Series also features the Sony X1 Ultimate processor, it also features Dolby Vision, Android TV, and Netflix Calibration Mode. Netflix Calibration mode optimizes Netflix content to present you with precise colors, accurate dynamic contrast and true motion experiences in your home theater.

Unlike the other two Sony TVs mentioned, the Sony MASTER Z9G is an 8K TV. 8K TVs currently have no native 8K content, so the content is upscaled using a proprietary algorithm. The Z Series also has Backlight Blaster Drive full-array local dimming, increasing the contrast ratio compared to the Z9G’s predecessor. For a 4K option of the LED Sony MASTER Series, opt for the Z9F 4K Ultra HD.

If a home theater installation is something you’d like to discuss for your St. Petersburg, FL home, or if you’d like to learn more about the latest innovations in Sony TVs, call us today at (727) 441- 9292 or use our online form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you.