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2 Reasons to Work With a Control4 Dealer

Make Life Easier by Using a Control4 System at Home

2 Reasons to Work With a Control4 Dealer

One of the best uses of technology is to make life easier. We started with smartphones, but now we are in the age of smart homes, where you can lock your doors and control your lights when you are not even at home.

It can be overwhelming to know what to look for in a control system. Using Control4 to integrate your smart home setup makes this decision easy.

Our customers in Tampa, FL know that they can count on us to help them with all their smart home needs including the use of a Control4 system. We are an experienced Control4 dealer, and our team of experts is waiting to help you in any way they can.

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1. Integration is Simple and Easy

Integrating different devices into your smart home system can seem like a daunting task. Making things easier is one of the benefits of using a Control4 system.

With the Simple Device Discovery Protocol known as SDDP, integration is easy as it allows manufacturers to make their devices seamlessly integrate into your smart home setup. This means messy wiring systems and complicated coding are becoming more and more nonexistent with SDDP. Companies that are starting to incorporate SDDP include TiVo, Sony, and Yamaha.

Trying to do this all on your own can still be confusing. That’s why at AV Specialists we are committed to being #1 in customer service, and we are always ready and happy to assist you.

2. Flexibility and One Touch Controls Make Operating Your Smart Home System a Breeze

There is nothing worse than scrolling through screen after screen just to turn off your lights or lock the doors of your house. Control4 programs can be automated and even tailor-made for certain days and/or special events.

Maybe your daughter is coming home after her first successful college semester. You can make sure she enters to a party with flashing lights upon returning to your home. Control4 is also accommodating to individuals that would call themselves less than tech-savvy. Automation protocols make turning your lights on and off as well as arming or disarming your security alarm a piece of cake.

Let’s Talk About How We Can Help You Get Integrated With a Control4 Whole Home System

Connect with us today to talk about how we can help with all of your smart home integration needs. We look forward to hearing from you.