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'Wow’ Your Holiday Guests With Smart Technology

Brighten Your Holiday Season With LED Lighting

'Wow’ Your Holiday Guests With Smart Technology

Think back to your earliest memories of the holidays. What do you remember? The smell of gingerbread cookies wafting from the oven? The sound of Christmas carols sung around the tree? Whatever you're picturing in your head, lights are most likely an undeniable aspect of this memory. Hung around the tree and throughout the house, both inside and out, lights turn a home into a shimmering winter wonderland, which helps sell the season when there’s no snow in St. Petersburg.


As you welcome guests into your home for your holiday gatherings, you can use smart lighting technology to astonish them with rich LED lighting that you control with the push of a button on your smartphone. Keep reading to learn how this smart home feature can enrich your holiday festivities.



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Discover the Flexibility of LED Lighting

Smart LED bulbs give you unprecedented control over the brightness, temperature, and color of the light in your home, all of which can be easily adjusted from your smart home control system (more on that later). What are some of the ways you can take advantage of this during the holidays?


To start, you can fill rooms with specific seasonal colors. Go with an autumnal palette of orange, yellow, and red for Thanksgiving, then switch to green and red shades for Christmas celebrations. Instead of using candles, have the lights in your chandelier emit a soft glow that creates a warm atmosphere. Showcase holiday displays on your mantle and in other areas of your home with LED lightstrips, and backlight your Christmas tree to make it an even more dazzling centerpiece for living space.


Enhance Your Technology With Control4

Your house can be tricked out with LED lighting, but the real magic happens when you integrate your lights with a smart home control system. Our brand partner, Control4, is an industry leader when it comes to creating comprehensive, easy-to-use control interfaces that bring all of a home’s smart devices together to give residents more comfort and convenience.


With Control4, you can sync your holiday lights to activate when Christmas carols start playing on your multi-room audio system, or set specific timers to have your lights turn on and off at different times of the day. Program your exterior lights to turn on when you arrive home from work and shut off automatically at bedtime. You can also create specific lighting scenes that can transform a space with the push of a button, and the video below shows just how easy it is to create these distinct lighting configurations.

Want to learn more about LED lighting and other smart lighting technology for your St. Petersburg home? Reach out to one of our experts at (727) 441-9292 or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.