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Video Projector Installation | My current favorite projector

Video Projector Installation | My current favorite projector

Obviously being in this business we do a lot of jobs that require the installation of a video projector.  There are multiple issues we run into when we visit a job site to tale a look at the project.  One major issue is, currently almost any laptop you'll buy is going to be a widescreen laptop.  The widescreen has become, it seems the de facto standard.  However, most companies that have had an AV setup for any length of time, seem to usually have the old 4:3 ratio screens.  This presents a problem because the preferred "new" source is widescreen but the display area is not.  Not every customer wants to change a perfectly good screen just because they are replacing the projector.

That brings me to the Hitachi CP-WX625.  We have used it as a widescreen projector and adjusted the customers' existing Non-wides 4:3 ratio screen so that it doesn't hang down as low.  This means the bottom and sides have the "black" borders but the top of the screen will not have that "black" border.  Doing this has delivered very good results.  Because the projector performs so well for a reasonable amount of money (a quick Google search shows them for around $2,500) clients have been very impressed. 

The image and clarity of the unit are so much better than what the clients is used to seeing we never have complaints that image is actually slightly smaller.  When installing in a new room with a matched 16:10 wide projection screen the image is astounding.  We have used these projectors in large rooms and medium sized rooms and when you see the image from it you know you got a lot for your money.  

On top of all of that, we have also had very good reliability with this projector too.  Most people tend to buy projectors that are too small and inadequate for the job.  Usually they don't have enough brightness (lumens) or contrast.  Manufacturer's specs are almost useless when comparing projectors.  I have seen this projector (Hitachi CP-WX325) next to others with specs that are similar but the image on the screen was not even comparable.

To wrap it up this is an excellent choice for the money.  If you are need of a projector in the $2,500 area this is what I would use every time.  We have never been disappointed with this projector and I doubt that you would be either.  Of course if you found this information useful and are considering an AV project at your business have a look at our website or give us a call.