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Universal Remote Controls: URC & RTI Review

Universal Remote Controls: URC & RTI Review

So you've got your home theater set up perfectly; impeccable surround sound speakers, first-rate audio receiver and amp, and integration with all of your input sources. But with every high quality component that you've purchased comes a remote. It's not uncommon to have more than five electronic components that are remote controlled, so if you're using five different remote control devices, you’re likely feeling frustrated and annoyed.

That's why the RTI and Universal Remote Controls and the associated processors are so spectacular. They can help you combine all of the functions for each separate remote into one easy-to-use package. Both the URC and RTI product lines include both wireless remotes and/or wired wall mount keypads and touch panels. In addition there are also apps available to run from your laptop*, smartphone or tablet device. Their lineup of control processors gives you the freedom to not only integrate all of your A/V equipment, but to automate it as well.

Control Processors

Do you want ultimate control over your home theater system? A control Processor can help you control every facet of your system.  By using a control processor the remote tells the processor which commands to send to the devices.   One advantage is that all of the commands are sent directly from the processor not the handheld remote. By sending the commands from the processor no codes are lost if there is interference, noise, or something blocking the signal.  The processors can be accessed via wireless remotes, wired panels, tablets, phones and software control products. Not only that, but the control processors can provide automation through programmable inputs and outputs, and schedule-based tasks. Using an RTI or URC control processor can open new doors to your A/V automation and control interface

Wireless Remote Controls

Something as mundane as turning on your home theater system to watch cable can be simplified with an universal remote control. Rather than using the remote for each A/V device, you can rely on the custom remote for all of your functionality. Both the RTI and URC product lines include highly customizable interfaces.  So when you want to adjust your viewing and listening experience based upon the media, you can do so with ease.  It becomes easy to set your systems to the exact specifications you need.

The RTI and URC product lines include a several remote controls that combine all the functionality of each separate remote control, but don't add anything else to the picture. There are also remote controls that have LCD interfaces to add media server integration, and even provide you with weather updates or RSS feed notifications. No need to pull out your smartphone to check on the current events when you're watching the game; it's at your fingertips in your remote control.

The RTI and URC wireless remote controls can work along with a control processor, or can be used as stand-alone universal remotes. Whichever option you choose, you'll be ahead of the curve, since all of your control can come from one remote device.

Wired Remote Controls

If you have a multi-room speaker system, it can be cumbersome to control speakers that are receiving the media outputs you desire.  

RTI has a great line of in-wall control panels that can be as simple as speaker selectors, or as complex as a home automation remote panel. You can combine these wired remotes with a wireless remote control to completely manage your home theater system, and work with a control processor to provide the ultimate home theater experience.  The best thing about these wall mount keypad is its one button push to start hearing music.  No fumbling with your phone waiting for an app to load.  One touch and you can hear your favorite music. 

Software Interfaces

If you prefer to control your home theater system with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, Both URC and RTI can help you achieve that dream. The RTiPanel application is available for iOS and Android devices, and the Virtual Panel can provide the same level of functionality on a Microsoft Windows-based laptop or tablet. URC makes an excellent and very affordable processor that communicates with your iPhone or iPad and/or along with a custom remote.  Both of these hardware/software interfaces may require some additional product to control your systems, but allow for complete control.

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