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Monitor Audio, Ceiling Speakers - Serious Sound

Monitor Audio, Ceiling Speakers - Serious Sound

This is the best ceiling speaker I've had in my possession to date.  It's built very solid but more importantly it sounds like a floor standing tower speaker.

A few observations on Monitor Audio's CP-CT380IDC ceiling speakers. 

By saying it's the best ceiling speaker, I am referring to a typical round ceiling speaker with a back can; I am not comparing it to a specialty speaker with a custom rigid cabinet and a separate driver mounting points. After we put it up in the showroom yesterday, if I didn't already know it was mounted in the ceiling, I never would have guessed it to be a ceiling speaker. It had a lot of body and much better lower end than we are accustomed to. It also has very good imaging and detail.  

At a cost around $800 per speaker it isn't for everyone, or at least not for every room. However if you really like music, I don't think it is hard to justify the additional expense for a speaker that really does sound like music. For the cost of a few sporting event tickets and bar tabs you could have a great speaker for as long as you stay in your home.


If you really appreciate good music and are in the market, you should come by and hear these. Then you can decide if they are for you or if you'd prefer some of the other options we have.